Updating A Story.

It's happening again.


When a story is updated it melds into one. Paragraphs becoming a distant memory.

Me no likee!

Please fix it... & the other zillion faults too.

Thanks awfully. :)
ShakespeareSonnet116 ShakespeareSonnet116
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3 Responses Dec 23, 2012

I haven't had this happen with stories, but I've had it happen with other things, especially comments. <br />
<br />
I also don't like that when I edit a comment it will insist on putting several lines between paragraphs instead of just one, and when I go back to take those extra lines back out, it puts them back in.<br />
<br />
"& the other zillion faults too." I wish EP would grasp how exasperated we are. EP links that turn to duds immediately, especially on replies; taking away our libraries and Subscribe / Unsubscribe; hiding polls; treating words like "wife" as obscenities that exile a question to the Mature ghetto. It makes me want to tear my hair!

The paragraph breaks are really frustrating; I've written about this before to EP. So you either have a HUGE space between paragraphs or it's bunched together. This should be easy to fix, not sure why they haven't done it.

Well said Conceptual!

Not again.... please not again...

'fraid so honey. :(

EP would first have to be interested in improving their site.

Now there's a point!