The area, where people choose, tee hee, you rock etc. has not been accurate for some time. I noticed a long time ago that it selects the amount on each at random and it does not matter what people click. I tested it a while back by refreshing. For example, there may be 6 you rocks at one time, then you refresh and there is only 1.

I just checked this again on one of my recent confessions and it's still random and changes as I refresh.

I suppose this is not all that important in the scheme of things, but just thought I would share this glitch with EP support.

RhombusInTheSquare RhombusInTheSquare
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I also have been noticing this glitch, for a while.

I remember commenting on thelonewoods' story about this same issue a very long time ago. Still nuffin'.

It's been like that since last year I think. At first, it was some sort of glitch(?), but it seems that EP liked it and allowed it to stay. I also want it fixed. :(

Interesting. It would be nice if it were more accurate though. It would give a much better idea of what people are thinking. Now that you are saying that it is pointless to even consider it as feedback. : (

I just posted an anonymous confession and same thing......Oh well. The likes are correct. It's just the tee hee and sorry stuff that is messed up.

uh oh.....wondering if my anonymous confessions are showing up as me......yikes. How many confessions does it show I have?

Were logged into your account on the other computer?

Well, you went to my last non-anonymous confession, so that tells me that my anonymous ones are not shown in my profile. So, I'm not worried now.

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