Ep Jailing System !!!!!

I was put into EP jail because i apparently post naked pics and mature content etc. Well i feel i have been falsely accused and so do my circle friends .

I think EP censors need to take a good look ( take off their blinkers ) at what is being posted on their site , i have seen nude avatars , heard of men swapping nude wife pics , stories of people wearing diapers and stories of ****** .

Now ....... EP please stop putting innocent users in EP jail

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Don't mess with EP. I've seen them ruin many lives by throwing them in jail. I hear EP jail is worse than Alcatraz.

I have been flagging a large black penis as an avi... its still there and no red dot so kids are seeing it.

Why does your saucy but not nekkid stuff get you in trouble but EP FAILS to remove actual nudity?

What's the user name?

blackslim something. He took it down - EP didnt remove it :S

there is lots of nude avatars on ep , from penis's to full frontal nudity . That is what p!sses me off , i get put into ep jail for nothing and they dont

I looked at his profile, and like the other people who have posted here, I can't see any mature groups among his 38 groups.

It would certainly boost the morale of the EP membership if much more was done against unjust flaggers.

If a member posts naked photos, they will be removed and if a member posts mature content their account will be marked mature.

I haven't personally reviewed your account, but if you posted nude images in the past, they would have been removed because they violate our terms of service. Reviewing your account now, I see that you belong to a number of 'mature' groups which means your post will be blocked from minors and members who've opted to not view mature content.

If you're having a specific issue that you'd like us to review please PM me directly with additional details or email help@experienceproject.com.

I would like a list of so called mature/ adult groups that are on my profile , i have NOT changed my profile

Hi, Arsineh. I don't know who has been flagging this man, but he has never posted a nude photo, or said anything offensive or hateful. I think the flags against him should be reviewed, and the false flagger punished. For some time now, he has been the unfortunate victim of a cowardly stalker, who lies and flags unfairly.

I looked at his profile, and like the other people who have posted here, I can't see any mature groups among his 38 groups.

It would certainly boost the morale of the EP membership if much more was done against unjust flaggers.

What about all the penis avis, Arsineh? I have seen quite a few.

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diapers are an integral part of the culture here. if you haven't been approached by a nappy troll, or at the very least a stinky troll, you aren't part of the community.

Oh they didnt jail you for your avi's? I liked them!!! Anyway the amount of pervey stuff they allow on ere topless men really aint a issue!!! They really should sort this out :-)

they will never sort this out

True... you got punished and got a perve dot dot for 'adult groups' your not in any for fcks sake

I would love to see a list of his 'mature' groups! I can't see em!!!

There arent any. Its ridiculous

they are full of $hit there are NO MATURE GROUPS ON MY PROFILE

I know... its stupid as.

how about this profile NO RED DOT ON IT , http://www.experienceproject.com/about/ianwr8

And that ones got a full nude avi... not your topless men ones :S you see much more nudity in newspapers than any of your avi's that I saw... and they looked good anyway. Its totally stupid putting you in jail. And when you think of the stalkers and perves they allow on ere.....

yes i know , im at the point where i just give up . The only way to improve this site is someone buys it and they sack/fire all the old staff

yes i have been dealt a cruel blow

I haven't heard of any laws passed. Men
Have always been allowed to go shirtless

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Some of your avi's have been quite saucy but I've certainly never seen you with an avi that went beyond what EP allows, I hope you get this sorted! Good luck!

yes i know they were saucy but not one of them was nude , i hope they sort this out soon

I didn't realise until today that they'd red dotted you, that's usually far harder to sort out than a simple jailing. Personally I see no reason for them to have given you the dreaded red dot! But I hope you've E-mailed support as well as writing this, fingers crossed it gets sorted.

i didn't know i had the red dot till you mentioned it , but i can't see it only people who look at my profile can see it

the quickest way to fix this is to delete and start fresh again

I guess it depends on whether there is anything important to you on your profile that you want to keep but it does look like the simplest solution. Only snag I can see is that whomever was flagging you before may well do so again, might be prudent to at least wait until you get a response from EP, that way if they agree you've been unfairly targeted at least you shouldn't have future problems of this nature.

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