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OK! What's going on? Yesterday's caption of the day I was on course for second place, the top three answers have disappeared! They just vanished, why? If I got flagged for 'I smell fish' then I think that's disgraceful, if it's a glitch you need to sort this, this isn't the first time my answer has been up in the top three and disappeared overnight. I'm getting tired of it, there is no point in entering if you are going disappear our answers. Please explain to me why this happening. *Scowling*
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That sucks that this is happening to you. People just don't have a sense of humor apparently.

In my Library I saved the instructions, for how to take a screenshot. Sorry but I can't find them now they are one of hundreds of so-called favourites.

I don't see how it helps, my answers are getting flagged and removed, EP knows this already! It's how to stop it from happening that's the thing, I don't think malcious flagging should be tolerated, more should be done by EP!

Malicious flagging is a problem. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

What a joke!!! Me thinks this smellth of fish! Def very suspect, although, cui bono? Thats the answer I guess xoxox

This is why I think it's likely a glitch but you can never be sure someone isn't maliciously flagging on here so who knows!

Well it ruins the fun - at least WE know you were worthy! :D

Aw, bless your heart, thank you!

I think people flag captions cause they want theirs or their mates one to win... fecking tragic. And if 'I smell fish' is flaggable then 'See Bianca does have a beard' should of defo got flagged not won the comtest.

I'm thinking it's a glitch but who knows! I wish I could remember who else was in the top three when I went to bed, the person in front of me has had there answer disappeared too, but I can't remember the 3rd placed answer well enough to see if it's still there. Seems to big a coincidence for both first and second place to have been removed by flagging.

I dunno... theres some really odd people on ere!!! Surely even EP couldnt be that useless?

LMFAO! 'surely even EP couldn't be that useless?' Are you serious? Of course EP can be that useless, if they unfairly red dot people (I now of a second person with a red dot for no reason!) they can screw up anything!!!!

Im being optimistic lol.... theyre not great with the techy stuff are they?

RAOFL! Is your profile working? Mine has a load of stuff missing from the left hand side, mail, gestures etc. Peza can't see any of his circles activity on his! Me thinks they are 'improving' things again! God help us all!!!!

We are fecked if theyre making more 'improvements' lol its like letting a toddler fly a plane with them!!! My profile seems to be OK so far tho

I love the visual image of a toddler flying a plane, very apt!

Yay :D

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Makes sense, I am sure someone flagged it because they liked their's better, and with the current flagging system a staff member removed it without actually looking at the content. The 'new and improved' Experience Project at it's finest!

The top answer disappeared too, I think it's a glitch but who knows. EP seems pretty messed up, one of my circle is seeing no circle activity on his profile page, mine has gestures, mail etc missing from the left hand side of my profile. Looks like are EP are yet again doing 'improvements'.

So I was right? =O