On the left side of my page, the buttons to view my mail, gestures, and whiteboard is missing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Sorry for the frustration. It should now be working properly, now.

It is and thank you.

I just Gestured someone and like to find out how long they get the Notice? Cause of this Bug! I went to their Profile to find the Gesture Link.

I am experiencing the same as the rest of you. I sure hope this is temporary. All was normal yesterday, today....all messed up.

exactly.... apparently, the maintenance men were up all night......improving things.

more like complicating things rather than improving.

Apparently..EP was streamlining our home page...
i am assuming that EP decided that we did not need those links on the left side of the home page, and so we have to now rely on the top right corner for notification..i would have preferred the reverse. keep what was on the left, and get rid of the notice system on the top right..but...hmmm. i wasn't asked...

EP doesn't need to streamline the Links on the Left Hand Column. That's Ridiculous! The Gifts and Gestures are not in the Upper Right Hand Drop Down Menu.

well you mist be new..they used to be ..as of yesterday...also on the left...

Chaka, the issue is that there is no button anywhere to click on to view gifts, gestures, or my whiteboard. In order to do so, I have to look through my history and find a place where someone sent me something in those places. That is what the issue is. It doesn't matter where the buttons are, there just needs to be one.

Yes! I was just noticing this and about to check here and make my own story about it. Plus I am getting tired that my Location disappears after I set it.

Maybe EP is in the middle of doing some stuff with the site. I hope it is fixed soon.

Well, I can't even view my whiteboard, which is really annoying.

I take that back, I can if I go way back into my activity feed where it says someone posted on my whiteboard, click on it and then I am transported there. Still, it's annoying.

hmmmm....that is interesting...so which one will pervail? Hopefully the old links will return..

So you see [ Mail ] [ Gestures ] [ Gifts ] (Links) Under [ Edit Profile ] and above [ Tributes ] [ Favorites ]? I don't (In the Left Column of [ Home Page ].

I logged out and in twice, still the same issue....:-(

me too

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