New Bug!?

New BUG!?
Send card, post tribute, gifts send a message and a yellow gesture bell and send a message are strangely missing in my left column on my profile page
THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO EVEN SEND MAIL, that is directly from my profile page only
What gives EP STAFF????!


SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I was confirming my Gesture and Whiteboard with "SpiceZ" and all she got was the Upper Right Hand Corner Alerting to what happen. Yet the Links on the Left Column to: [ Whiteboard ] [ Mail ] [ Gestures ] [ Gifts ] & [ Cards ]. Are missing on the Left Column and we can't get to our History Listing without the Links. And the Extra Orange Box around the Links when some Activity has Occurred. To give us extra Notification about it all.

Never see any orange things, just yellow

Everything to me looks like a light Red. Yellow to me is much more brighter in the spectrum than what I'm seeing.

The Token Icon is diffidently looking like a Yellow to me. But the Notice Boxes looks Very Orange. Very Dull Orange. To Me. Even Darker than a Normal Orange to me really.