EP Update: What We've Been Working On...and What's Coming Soon!

With 2013 here, we have many new projects underway for the New Year which will help you connect with members, build friendships, and sort, organize and keep track of the posts that are most meaningful to you.

If you missed our last list of updates, you can find it here: EP Link

And with no further ado, these are some of the recent improvements we've made to EP based on feedback from our members:

**With our NEW enhanced activity feed you can pick and choose who and what you receive updates on, directly from your feed. We know that sometimes you may add a friend or join a group but would rather not see the group or that specific friend's activity on your feed. Now, you can hide certain types of activity from specific groups and friends, without having to leave the group or unfriend/block the member.  When you hover over the member or group on your feed, you'll see an option to 'mute all activity from this member/group'  Of course, if you change your mind you can always visit account settings to unmute certain friends/groups. This feature will help you quickly access updates you care about most without shifting through the noise.  To begin using this feature,  visit your account settings and turn on the filter feed beta test. 

**Improved Email Notification System:  We were sad to  hear that some members weren't getting email notifications for content they were interested in, so we set out to investigate and improve the notification system to assure this doesn't happen in the future. You shouldn't notice any major changes but on the back end we've put a number of checks in place to make sure members who have email notifications turned on, don't miss out on the content they care about!

**Bringing the Focus Back to Story Sharing & Connecting W/ Other Members: Over the last couple weeks we've worked to clean up the site and remove sections that were under used and regularly caused major glitches in other areas of the site, which included Games, Challenges and EP Pets.  Though we recognized that these sections were enjoyed by some members, it was taking time and limited staff resources from working on the core mission of the site which is to create a place for sharing and connecting around the experiences that matter most to them.  With these sections gone we are able to work on improving EP to make reading and sharing posts easier and more enjoyable as well as helping deep meaningful friendships blossom.  We hope that those members who had challenges, and pets featured on EP, will continue to share stories and photos of their pets through story posts, since the experiences we have with our pets are very much a part of our life and should be amongst our life experiences and EP groups. 

Coming soon...

**We've listened to your feedback and suggestions for the whiteboard and your communication inbox--and we're doing something about it.  We're cleaning up these sections and giving  you commonly requested features.  Soon, you'll have the ability to delete gestures, gifts, as well as browse gifts around specific topics to help you pick the right gift to cheer up or console a friend for the unique moments we go through in life.  We're also working on giving you ways to quickly and easily respond to gesture, gifts, and scribbles with a single click. 

Hope you're excited about these improvements and the appreciate a peek into what's on the way.

We always love hearing from you so don't be shy to let us know what you think!

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Thank you for your updates and improvements with Experienceproject.

One important thing was posting photos in stories. i think those who doesn't use desktop or computer like device cant post their photos between the story.
one thing i see chattool bar is not working in cellphones.
please do something about this.
i had opened accounts in imgur and imageshak but it gone vein when i found no option for link or uploading a photo.

Thank you EPArsineh. I will miss EP Pets, I liked petting & feeding & such, linking to other members through just their pets and if someone gave me a pet as a gift, then that pet was added to my circle family. I understand though you want to streamline the site & some less desirable changes had to be made. If I could search through my own groups, then losing EP Pets wouldn't be as bad.

Why can't I get my circle activity pinned on my home page anymore? I didn't get that memo..sigh...How does that get accomplished?

I don't want to see these notifications... I am searching for a way to keep them from showing up in my notifications area, in the top right corner.

You vandalised my profile.

Isnt removeing circle activity from our homepage, along with 'whose on line', counter to the ethos of ..."which will help you connect with members, build friendships, and"... that you state in this 'keeping up with ep improvments pep talk??

How do i now get to see my circles activity?


When it comes to Muting A Circle Member. Why does it have to be everything? Usually what I like to Mute On Circle Members is their ... (Too Much Activity) Not Everything. It be nice to have Selected choices on Member's that is to be Muted. As for some members choosing too many Groups, too many Q & A and Making Friends. But when the Member is only making 1 Story. That isn't too Much to Mute and Like to see those that are rare from such Members. Not A Big List On Members doing Too Much On things. That was my Point in wanting to Mute someone.

Ok not like i care what happens so whatever man

Maybe I don't know how to use the site very well, but when I'm just poking around looking for interesting stories, much of what I find was posted in 2009 and last commented on in 2010 or whatever. Is there a way to avoid that - basically a way to only see stuff last active in the previous week or month or whatever?

Ohhok ^ ^

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Appreciate all the insight and hard work that goes into making an awsome site even more awsome. I am not able to send any picture on ep and don't understand what the problem is. Please help!

I am so glad I can once again see what my circle has been up to, I love following them around a bit and commenting on their latest stories. Yet, it is true I dont need to know as much about the groups activities. Thanks! Kim


im not sure how this will benefit me because im not on here to make friends im here to find answers and give them.

Thank you. I just tried the "mute"-filter. So the test worked - how do I unmute the user?

Any Idea?

I was fiddling with this the day before. I struggled to find [ Account Settings ]. Finally found it in the Upper Right Hand Drop Menu. We go to this [ Account Settings ]. Then the Page Has Another Menu of [ 6 ] Types to Choose From: [ Communication ] [ Privacy ] [ Content Filtering ] [ Beta Testing ] [ Premium ] [ User Account ]. We go to: [ Content Filtering ] Here it shows (Who) we have in Mute. With Check [( )] Circle or Boxes to the (Left) of the Names (We) Muted. We Click in these Circle Boxes if (We) want to UN-Mute someone. And then Click on [ SAVE ] at the Bottom of the Page.

thank you very, very much

It would also help if we are able to scroll through the pages of our friends questions. At the moment we have access to only the first page although we are able to see the tabs. When we click on the tabs, it loses our filters. Any help on that Arsineh?

Thanks for the update and for the continued work on what is already an incredibly unique and useful web site!

Thank you for the updates! How about Classic Search or something like that? We miss it...

I'm quite new here....but....
Refocus on core product. Sounds smart :)
That is the core product after all....the platform for sharing experiences.
Maybe a Friday n-hour moment in the week in the planning for personal and side projects related to EP for the staff. Good for discovery, and good fun for the staff as well.

These are some appreciated improvements:)

How about being able to delete comments on the white board. That feature came and went. We want it back.

I agree!!!!!


They also have not fixed the audio ads problem either!!!!!!!!

Nice improvements, but you never answered my email from a month ago regarding supporting EP. A month ago....That gives me pause.

Yes.....and they have not fixed the audio ads problem either....DOUBLE PAUSE.
am I pissed.

This is all good, but I am still waiting for the ability to separate all my stories into special, personally created folders, like *quotes* *stories* *poems* *music* etcetra. I have over 1000 stories now and it is almost impossible to share links with friends anymore, because It is too time consuming to look a them all to find the ONE specific poem or story or article I want to share. I love EP, and spend a lot of time here, and I am a very active member. I have few complaints, but I would find it much better if this one feature were added.

Same here...yes
I want that library back!

But, even the library didn't allow for different folders. Everything you saved was saved in the same folder.

IThis is a fantastic site.

Umm I didn't realize that people outside of EP circles stories can be read online. Huh?

You've never read anything by anyone who isn't in your circle? I do it all the time, read, comment, message send gifts and cards, talk on the white boards of people who are not in my circle.

I've only been on EP for a short time but it is one of the best sites I have ever found to help me cope with life. Many of the people and stories appear authentic. Even if some are not they are still "real" to me because if I can relate to a story then it's real to me. EP is a great tool to supplement family friends therapists and doctors because from what I can gather at this site my thoughts and feelings are validated by others who understand me. Thank you EP and to all my EP friends for being there for me.

I have never joined Face Book, for a reason. If EP is being searched, maybe it is time to consider leaving. I like some anonymity.

I'm so excited ! Thank you Arsineh. xx

how can i be happy and satified at the same time when i am the way i am confused about my sexual prefance

Thanks! I appreciate everything you guys do :D

I like the game at the end....I've also contracted "viruses" when I sign in from my Email onto EP...it has occorred Many, Many times...I don't know what to do about it , except nowdays I don't even Open my EP Email!...just sayn....thanx!

Hiding activities from members? One of the things I love about this site, is being able to see what all someone is into...it aids me in determining how close I want to be with someone...what a shame we won't see the real them.

Love the new changes. There is a small spelling error in the beta feed: "storys" should be "stories".

This site use to be great but now it's simply aweful and will be as popular as MySpace before to long.

Removing the Pet Feature was just not right. I spend less time on this site now. I have lots of things to read without burning out my eyeballs on a computer (which it does do). Sad that that "Bonding" Feature was removed. I check in once in a while, but I have lost contact with people otherwise. Time to just get everything else done now. Enjoy your new "EP" ...

P.S. I don't need to refer anyone to this site now since the Pet Feature was what attracted them here - as well as the other features. Have fun and note the stats "?" ... (no comment required - it's okay).

So you left solely because they 86'ed the pet feature? lol That was an added bonus to the site, not the purpose. Good luck however.

I didn't say I left - I just spend less time on this site now. Like other people I have things to get done too. I got my neighbor introduced to this site and he loved the Pet Feature as well. Now - he doesn't come on here at all. I also realize it was an added bonus to the site - but - what other site has something that special ?? It helped to bond people - a lot. It also helped people through their losses as well. Good luck to you too. Whatever ... "?" ...

eum.... I so dont need to know others not in my circle commented on a story I commented

The beta feed filtering isn't working. And let there be no mistake. You aren't listening to us or we wouldn't have to contend with the mess that is now called our favorites and used to be a list of stories we selected, the lack of ability to subscribe and unsubscribe, all the garbage you put on our whiteboards, and the chaotic garble that used to be a very serviceable activity feed but is now pretty much useless without clicking, scrolling...scrolling....scrolling...scrolling and filtering.

It works fine for me. Hover over the person's name in your activity feed and a small gray down-arrow will appear in the top-right. Click on it and it will give you the option to mute that member.

I seriously lost the 1 and only story I cherished was in my library n' true 2 much junk all round

I mean the filtering at the top that we are asked to select. Nothing happens.

That worked for me too. I just clicked on everything I wanted to see and clicked Apply Filters. Maybe it doesn't work for some members.

Doesn't work for me...

Well, they should fix that.

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i appreciate all of EP staff's hard work. im sure it cannot be easy to put up with all of us all the time haha. i have said it before though, and i will say it again..something must be done about the minors on here (can they have their own section entirely instead of leaving it up to us to make "mature" questions mature, etc?) and about the paedophiles on here. i feel i have done my part to report these people and i STILL see them all the time. it is not about a web site at that point..it is about peoples' LIVES and WELL-BEING. in addition, as a victim of rape, i find it highly offensive that people can post things about loving rape/have a user name identifying them as a rapist (i did my due diligence in reporting the person who called himself this). final thoughts: if we block someone, we should have the option to well and truly block them. i do not want to see the questions/answers of someone i blocked, their posts on my friends' whiteboards, etc. also, it would be nice if we could have a "like" button for peoples' pictures. again, thank you for working so hard, but i implore you to prioritize the rape, minor, and paedophile issues!

Great stuff. Now, how about creating a NEW APP?! (Android preferably)

More mobile apps are in the works! :)

I would also like a to have a search feature or keyword feature in my experiences so you can find similar groups to put a story into without having to go one page at a time scanning all the groups

Where is my circles activity feed now?

Why take the pets EP? Why!

Very excited to see the new changes! My only request is that you make it possible to go directly to a certain page of your collective experiences. Those of us who have been here for years and have tons of experiences would appreciate it! :D

Soon enough could be better!! :-)

Move the logout button away from the other buttons. I don't know how many times I've accidentally logged out when trying to hit the activities button, while using my phone.

The enhanced activity feed continues your bad design for the improved site (it looks horrible), it is confusing and isn't really all that helpful. I think maybe your time would be better spent fixing up this site before you continue with 'improvements'.

Thanks this is wonderful! One thing if i may say an improvement needed is deleting people from ur circle its hard if u want to delete alot out bc u hve to go to each profile to remove them thank u for improving ep

thank you Arsineh,yo y,

thank you Arsineh,yo y,

This all sounds great, but I'd give all these improvements up in a heartbeat if I could just get your Help Desk to respond to things like msgs remaining stuck in my inbox or inactive friends whom I've deleted from my circle remaining nonetheless. Please add a more responsive Help Desk to your projects list. Honestly, sometimes I feel like my question is like casting a coin into your silent wishing well. Will it get answered? It's a wish, at best.

you are my best friend, i love you guys the most and i can swear you when my mobile phone hangs otherwise mmmm you great you rock

Ah good! This is a nice idea, thank you.

sooooo, what if you could listen to music and send music to people? wouldnt that be cool for ep?

Sounds awesome!!!