Error 580

I recieved an email, I tried to respond I get you can't do that error 580.
I believe that if someone sent you an email, you should be able to respond even though their settings have it so they cannot get msgs from people not in their group. This may open up other problems, I understand that but it is frustrating.
Coldwarrior Coldwarrior
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Sounds frustrating. You should have the ability to respond to a member who has messaged you. Please PM me the username of the member you are having trouble responding to, so we can investigate and have this sorted out.

I agree, I think if someone messages you first you should have the right to respond regardless of there settings or they shouldn't be allowed to send the message in the first place!

I agree. It's unfair to allow those who just use this to hide behind to do so, I think if someone has sent you a message you should have the right of reply regardless. Far to many like to send a nasty message then block you to prevent a response. I think most of those I've across that set there settings to receive only from there circle are long term users, I don't see why it's ok for them to message you but for you to be unable to reply, that just seems daft!!!