Not Only New Gestures, But A Whole Gesture Restructuring!

UPDATE 6/29/13 - It is interesting to note how EP took some of my recommendations - like charging for some gestures, but forgot that some of the previously 'premium gestures' should have been made free. In addition, they were suggested to provide MORE gestures that were a bit risque - instead they did away with the simple 'spanked' gesture. EP - IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHARGE FOR GESTURES - MAKE THEM WORTH IT! MAKE THEM SEXY.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
ORIGINAL STORY: My biggest observation about the current EP gestures is that the categories are not always logical. There are two categories - Basic, and Additional ($)

Some of the gestures in the Additional category should be in the Basic category. Gestures like Embrace, Flirt, Pillow Fight, and Sass. Come on, these aren't special in the least! There have been plenty of times when I want to "embrace" a recipient, and I get so frustrated that I cannot perform such a simple gesture.

Of course, the rest of the Additional gestures can stay where they are. There are probably more that can be added to this category, but I will propose another, third category first.

I believe a third category should be Adult ($$). This would make gesturing a lot more fun and imaginative. There are many obvious nominees which I will mention in list format. Please feel free to nominate your own entries for any of the categories in your comments to this story. My list of Adult gestures includes:

Fingered, Felt-up, Kissed ***, Sucked, Suckled, Stroked, ********, Spread, Fondled, Squeezed, Stimulated, Penetrated, Knelt before, Mounted, Breathed Upon, Grinded, Gave a *****, Spit, Swallowed, Used a Strap-On, Lubricated, ***********, Blindfolded, Came, Squirted. **********, Erupted, Had Wet Dream, Did 69 With, Did Doggy Style With, Mounted, Went Cowgirl Up, Fantasized, Lapped, Petted, Necked, Restrained, also;

Removed: Panties, Briefs, Bra, Shirt, Pants, Socks, Shoes

These lists are by no means exhaustive. Gesturing at EP would be infinitely more fun if they created this adult category. Of course they could not be used with anyone who uses adult filtering, so discretion should be taken who you use these with!

Bring on the Suggestions and let's put this to the powers that be at EP!
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My, this is turning into something of a **** site with these adult gestures. It's alright you wanting to send them, but what if the recipient is offended? I would be offended if someone "***********" with me, or some such thing. We have enough vulgarity on EP, without adding to it.

It would only work with others signed up for such gestures. They would pay extra $ to use the feature...

Fine, as long as those not signed up can neither send or receive and see them. I'm tired of seeing my news feed turn into a **** magazine with vulgarity and naked pics. I choose my friends very carefully now because when they have graphic sexual content on their profile and add stories and make comments of a graphic sexual nature, it turns my newsfeed into a **** site, and that is not why I joined EP. I'm not a prude, and I'm not adverse to mild flirtation, but the things I see on EP go way beyond the line of decency in a public forum for my tastes. Some of us actually joined EP for intellectual stimulation, not genital, to share our challenges and joys without being bombarded with "sex in our face" on our news feeds and friends profiles. Each to his own, live and let live, but I don't want vulgarity in my face.

LOL.. how do find even one spare minute a day to come up with all this ?
Too funny A .

Holy sh*t you mean EP administrators actually take advice from their users? God I love this site. Not even mocospace does that. Good suggestions too mark. I'm gonna go post in the improve EP forums, see if I can't get 'em to acknowledge some rediculous thing like taking away the Fb like link. I mean after all, who wants those Facebook mouthbreathers flooding our gem of a website anyhow.

Yes..and gestures should be available with that each one can express more :)

I like that idea, perk!

thank you


I like your thinking! I could have a lot of fun with gestures like that.

Thanks Angel! A lot of us like-minded individuals would like to see something like this coming soon!

Your adult section is out of line in my opinion, but I do agree with the rest of what you said lol The categorization of them needs an overhaul.

Yes. I think there's already too much adult activity on the site, including a lot of people with adult profiles harassing innocent souls who just come here for other reasons. Adding adult gestures gives them more ammo.

Well, there's lots of teens on EP too. You have to make sure that the adult gestures are reserved for adults.

As long as nobody lies about their age, it can be done!!!

Thanks for your suggestion--We are always looking to give members better ways to express themselves on EP, including through gestures. What if we have members the option to create their own gesture? That way you can get creative with friends without being limited to a short list of gestures. Something that interests you?

Totally like! And others have alreaDy hinted at that! So I think that's a winner Arsineh!

That's a wonderful idea! I would love to be able to create my own gestures.

Agreed, Wg

What a good idea, Arsineh. It's terrific to see that you and EP are so open minded! It can only lead to this place become even cooler than it is now! Thanks for great new ways of expressing ourselves. I'm sure creating our own gestures will lead to lots of possibilities ;-)


Awww thanks shore!!!! :-)

What happened to making your own gifts? I don't see that feature now.

...and I'm all for free expression, Arsineh, but I'm hoping that EP will maintain some decorum, at least. EP has become like a quasi **** site in many ways, accommodating all kinds of disgusting fetishes including urine and feces, and even worse child molesters who brag in their stories about it. It's disgraceful.

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