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Ok what seemed to be a great idea giving us the option to exclude certain activity feeds within our circle is a joke Now I have this function....and not only do I receive feeds from my circle but also every person who has joined the same groups as myself!! The option to filter what you see is I used it...ha only to find that each time you log in and out you have to do this...what a joke!!

Also EP seems to give with one hand and take from another...I have now lost my chat function unless I subscribe to EP!!

Great thanks EP....for nothing!!!!.
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I guess they have to make the site pay - I imagine all our talk takes up a lot of memory that has to be paid for!

Well wouldn't you think EP would get rid of all the "ghost accounts". We have all seen them..purple head.. no contributions either by story or comments and yet they are allowed chat!!! I have an active EP account and contribute regular to stories etc but yet I am penilised....doesn't add up!

Why? What did you do to upset them? I think they are worried more about encouraging under 18s than worrying about ghosts, but I thought they only went after those who upset someone else!

"ghosts" take up memory...sorry that was the point I was making. :)
I have been flagged as having a "mature" profile..hence the loss of my chat function. I am here to learn and share experiences, I don't break any laws and I have no intention of hurting anyone. I recently read a post from someone who has a stalker on EP even though it has been reported nothing has been done. Crazy!!

I seem to be allowed to chat because I have enough of a non-adult profile to be ok, but I do teeter on the edge of what they allow!

I wish I had known about this rule before posting my stories, I could have teetered too :)) I have my suspicions that I was reported by a certain someone....too much of a coincidence for my liking. Karma :)

But I was reported too for using a profile pic someone didn't like, but pulled it back by joining a lot more "safe" groups, so you still can turn it around!

Really!!!!?...I never knew it was possible. Wow thank you ...thank very much I thought I was doomed to the basement forever :))) You are a star!! :))

There is always hope, though I am not sure what they make of your gorgeous profile pic! ;)

Yes there is always "Hope" :)
Erotic but tasteful ! :) ...maybe ?

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