Option To Restrict Comments To Group Members

Hi EP. Good day.

I have two suggestions in this post.

The first suggestion is for the story comments. Could the authors have the option to restrict the comments to members of a group only? There are times when an author would want support and advise from fellow group members but an 'outsider' would suddenly leave a comment that criticizes the story instead. Instead of getting the needed information, the author had to defend his beliefs. It's not necessarily of attacking or trolling nature. It may even be just a mere criticism. It's just that an author would sometimes want someone, who personally have undergone the experience and thus 'get it', to comment on the story instead of someone who may have no idea what people are talking about comment.

Of course, being restricted from commenting will not stop non-group members from flagging the group, story, or comment if against community guidelines.

My second suggestion is about the whiteboard.

If a person comments on your whiteboard post, you will be notified of such. The person will then go to the whiteboard post to see what the comment is. But there are whiteboards that have so much traffic that one has to get through all gestures and scribbles to find the particular whiteboard post with the comment. I would like to have some sort of automatic finding feature.

When an EPeep clicks on the notification, he is then led to the whiteboard post itself. The EPeep then doesn't have to trudge through all the newer stuff on the whiteboard.

Those are the two suggestions. Thanks for reading. :)
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 13, 2013