Temporarily Blocking IP Addresses For Recidivist Offenders

I'm not sure if this has been effected or considered but what if EP temporarily blocks the IP address that has been reported and proven to have created numerous accounts in quick succession in order to harass an EP member?

I know though that it is quite easy to change the IP address but at least there is one hurdle the violator has to go through to continue harassing a person.

It is only temporary though. There are EP users who share the same address as those people in one household. Seven days of not being able to attack an EP user may be enough for the violator to get some steam off and refocus their energy on something important in their life.

If someone other than the violator tries to access the site using the same IP address, there will only get a notification that the address has been blocked because one of users has been reported to have been harassing a fellow EPeep and that it will expire after some stated date.

For those who sensed the familiarity of this punishment, yes, just like the IP address blocker in Facebook. XD
mareliberum mareliberum
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

<p>i agree .............. snowlover13 changed his name after being kicked off of e/p and less than 24 hours laters he was back threatening my life and others. what good does it do to kick them off if they can come back and do the same crap</p>