A List A Story Comments?

Until recently you could see all the stories you commented on in your profile under stories. This feature was very handy because people don't always click the reply button to your comment when they are doing an update or answering your questions in the comment section. If you weren't a member of that group or don't remember the story title...there doesn't appear to be a way to keep track of this anymore. If there is a current solution to this...and I just haven't found the feature...could someone please tell me where to find it?

Not a big deal...but it was one of the main ways we could keep up with if people have made progress on their problem.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I used the Stories Commented On feature a lot. In fact I even had it bookmarked. I also sometimes used the Comments feature on other people's profiles, which is also gone.<br />
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It was extremely helpful to go back and find a comment. You can only go back so far on your Recent Activity

I was afraid this feature would be taken away, as many others have been. Some of us have felt that they're taking away everything, one by one. We need this feature. I liked to use it. EP, please bring it back.