Viewing Pics - Glitch

Hi EP,

I have a question/concern that I am hoping you can help me with.

I keep my photo albums private, so only my friends can see them. I'm glad this option is provided.

I have noticed that if someone in my circle comments on a photo of another member who is NOT in my circle, I can see that photo (despite them making it private and me not being in their circle). This is because my circle member's comment shows up in my feed (ex: "Great photo!") and I can "click to see photo" if I choose to.

This appears to be a glitch, because I should not be able to see the photo at all if it is private and if the person who posted the photo is not in my circle. 

I am wondering if you know of a way to prevent this glitch, or can remedy it.

Thank you.
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This kind of glitch happens often. Sometimes it prevents me from giving comments to friends photos, reminding myself it might one across someone's feed when it's not suppose to be. And assuming there could be glitch happening, I never give a reply to comments given to my pictures. This is stressful. I just hate glitch.

Yes, I agree.. I am the same way LadyR.

EP.... I can confirm that we can see pictures in private albums if a member in our circle comments on one. I had circle member leave a comment for someone I am not "friends" with and when I tested to see if I could view the photo, I indeed could. I could also see the rest of the photos in their "private" album.<br />
<br />
It would be nice to get a response on this. Thank you.

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I thought this only happened when the user has their settings as not private where everyone can see their photos. I've noticed when they come across my feed that is the case so far.

Very, very few people on EP have a non-private setting on their album.

very few pictures come across my feed. The few that have, I've found that their album is not private. Other than that, it was mutual friends, where I can see their pictures anyhow.

Ah, interesting point Affinity. I THOUGHT I checked that out once, and I could still see a photo from my feed from a private album.... maybe Arsineh can advise on that and do a "test" to see if she can see both private/public.

I think like Affinity too. I haven't tested.
But, now that it has been raised, I hope EP can, at the least, treat it as a query and clarify one way or the other.

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*Ahem. Notes the silence from EP*

I should learn how to use this site some day. I love you new photos! I wish there was an option of a public folder because there are some of yours the entire world should see.

Bowing and scraping, he humbly exits, stage left.

Thank you! I only put up ones I really loved, so that's great to hear.

Though I must confess there were a few like "Teaching" where I doth wonder who was teaching whom.

There is a public folder option.

Might I quote from a wise and gifted master: "I should learn how to use this site some day."

I don't think there is an option for making some public and some private.

What about an option for making a Luddite computer savvy?

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I saw the same activity from my circle once and I clicked on the photo out of curiosity. I wasn't able to see the photo. I was only allowed to see the comments but not the photo itself.

I have seen this as's disappointing, to say the least...I hope they fix it quickly..

Ah ok... good to know other people have noticed it. Hopefully they fix it soon

yes this is (so far) a glitch and not an announced feature. We will see how this one goes ....

I've noticed this also. Thank you for writing a story pointing this out. If somebody sets his album to circle only it should not have a loophole making a photo visible to non-friends.

Thanks CC. I've noticed it for awhile... I thought it might be temporary but apparently not. I hope they fix it!

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