Make Sending A Picture To Someone Free

I really like EP, but come on I have to use tokens for doing something as simple as sending a pic? Really? Can you just please make that option free? Why should someone have to use tokens just to send a picture? I don't get it...?
Orion2089 Orion2089
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I have made a copy of a photo, and sent it, and there was no fee, and so if you don't upload a photo to send it..maybe that is the difference.

How do you do that? When I go to My Pictures and click Copy, there's no Paste on the other end.

I just did,and it allowed me to. I am not great with computers, so perhaps it is the lap top.I don't know

I agree! I'm all for making sending a picture free. My tokens never rise above 12 or so. Since I like to Feature a question now and then, I can't spare them for sending a picture.