What Happened To "stories With New Comments"

I used the "Stories with new comments" function every week to read the comments that people posted about my stories. That function recently went away along with a revision of the page that shows when I click "My Stories" on my menu.

I want it back! Come on EP, don't keep deleting good stuff just to change the page format. If you have to change the format, at least keep the useful functions.

Please put back the "Stories with new comments" search function. Or if its there somewhere tell us how to find it Thank You.
DozerDan DozerDan
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

<p>I think I've found it. Its now hidden down at the very bottom of a listing on the right side of the screen. There used to be a menu with "new comments" on top of the listing of stories, but now its been moved to the least obvious place on the screen. I don't know what most of that list is for though.</P>

top right corner next to tokens you see your name, click it and when page loaded there should be an orange section that will say photo comments, stories, confessions, blah blah... hope that helps

Dan and CC you have to hide the EP message box that appears at top of your home page then the message appears you have new comments on stories and you can click on it to go right to it

What do you mean by "the EP message box"?

I am also unhappy they took that away.

On my Home page under "New Things Just For You" it does have a feature that tells me "You have 3 stories with new comments." I'm not sure i really believe there are only three. In fact I know there are more, because I can think of a story that I've been getting e-mail notifications about having new comments that I have reasons for postponing visiting that is not listed among those three.