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I am not sure of the name of the feature that would let me save a link to a particular story by me or anybody else and present on request that list but possibly it was [Library]

Whatever. That feature no longer exists. It was promised to us we would get it back. Well there have been changes in the realm of finding things you really wanted to find but they are still missing the one I, and I believe many others on EP still want - finding an individual story by "me or by any other author."

What we still have is [Favorites] - at the top of the left-hand column that shows every story you ever rated up just to be polite, plus others which seem to be on the list for no known reason. Totally useless

Then there is [Subscriptions] at the bottom of the left-hand column that shows every group to which one has subscribed. This is closer to what we lost because the list is more manageable in size. However a group that has many stories only shows one story written by me, a group that has no stories by shows no stories even if I wanted to be able to find a story by a different author.

And then there is [Stories] which shows up as a category when one has hit [Subscriptions]. I am not sure how anything makes this list but it seems to be very easy.EPArsineh's December 5 announcement of updates is on my list. I doubt I rated it up, I did post a reply to a comment. Not an indication I was interested in this story again.

To cut to the chase we were promised we would get back the ability to find the stories we deliberately marked in some special way, regardless of who was the author. We lost this feature because it appeared to be not understood. HA! Maybe it took too much data base space. I still want it back. If we had such a feature I might use it to find the "here's whats new on EP" stories.
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Thanks for writing this story.

Please, EP, I really loved having my library! Please give it back to us! I'm going to request the list of links from library that you offered to give us. But where will I put them?

In the middle of typing this EP jerked me off this page and onto, I think, the previous page. That's irritating. It's really bad when it happens while you're writing a story.