Guys, I have to wonder about your filter system! I just had a long, carefully thought out forum topic answer refused because it was suspected of being "Spam"

Why?  Because I included a link to my own story here on EP.

Now that is what I call taking yourselves TOOOOOO seriously!!!!!!
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This severely limits what EP can do beyond ephemeral postings.

There is no "sticky" posting to a forum, and rating a post up is now meaningless because it's no longer one-member one-vote.

And several of Enna's posts are in the hall-of-fame category, and required reading for newbies.

And we're also now experiencing the delights of "An EP User".

Improvements? Pah!

Thank you, enna, for bringing this to attention.<br />
<br />
It is a fact that spam is dealt with pretty effectively on EP. Members flag, and before long a spammer's account is disabled.<br />
<br />
EP is insulting as well as inconveniencing us members by making the default assumption be that an EP link is spam. There is no reason why we should be hindered in calling attention to an EP page.

yeah... they get kinda p;ssy 'bout links,,,,

Wow, need2care, that is really screwed up.

I am laughing at the irony. It confirms my belief that the Universe has a dry sense of humor. ROFL! :-)

But they let people like the "I can fix your marriage through a spell caster" put her link, phone number and email address in on a comment on my stories. I reported her, they deleted her and she signed up under a new name and did it all over again today!!! But enna30 they block. Really?

I think they detected my posts for - and that made them (understandably!) suspicious of me . . . !!

nope.... same for everyone!!!

Enna...the spam queen, the best spammer Ep has ever seen...

well, i guess you re-type, and this link...good luck..keeping my fingers crossed.