"an Ep User"

Reckon you'd do well to reconsider this mechanism that allows persons to post under this generic banner without joining the group they are posting in.

It's an open ticket to flamers and trolls and does nothing to enhance the groups I am familiar with.
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but what about people who have something to say about the topic yet do not wanted to join the group? say because the don't want thousands of experiences, they wanted to post a counter argument and they don't want friends potential circle members to think they are for something they are actually not

and if you post a story w/o joining the group or remove yourself from the group your story ends up at the bottom of the pile never likely to be found instead of at the top of the most recently posted material for that group

This doesn't seem to be happening as much - if at all - these days.

I'll assume that that is because EP Admin fixed it somehow, so "thank you".

And to be honest, the idea, of being anonymous really doesn't encourage a well thought out response. i just don't see the point of going through the effort of even reading an anonymous post.let alone typing a lengthy response.
I would much rather concentrate on posts here from members that are here, have an identity. Besides, our group is about offering support to the individual, offering ideas, and sharing our concern. It is about much more than just typing a few words. In the ILSMG...we connect..we care about what is happening to that author. It doesn't work to try to do that with an anonymous author.

I agree my friend, I agree- well said