Tired Of Searching!

why is it that when i go to a story to check out new comments, i'm not taken directly to the new activity but have to wade through the comments i've already seen time and again? that and not seeing all comments on stories (still!) is annoying.
jerrica jerrica
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Agreed and seems like it would be easy fix

you would think, wouldn't you? *sigh*

I agree Jerrica! It is beyond annoying and frustrating.

When I go on a long discussion thread, what I want is to be able to QUICKLY scan with my eye to see if there are new comments and replies or where they are. The system of "x More Replies" and "View More Responses" is as though it were deliberately designed to thwart our desire to quickly scan the thread by hiding things and making us click to find them. (I know it's not deliberate, of course.) Please listen to the members, EP.

right again, CC. they need to do something about this!

Yes, Jerrica! There have been many times I can't find the comment in question and I just forget about it. Thank you!

i find myself doing the same, just blowing it off altogether. you're welcome :)

I agree, on both points.

Yep I totally agree. It's extremely aggravating, especially when a story ends up being debated in the comments

Something must be done. A story with much discussion absorbs an unconscionable amount of time in looking for the new comments and / or replies.

Please, EP , GET RID of "x More Replies" and "View More Responses"! They are an aggravating nuisance that wastes our time. Why not bring back the numbered columns? Otherwise, please just lay out the whole thread for us and don't make us do all this time-consuming clicking to see all the comments and replies. It gets really tiresome on a really big thread.

Cc don't forget the battery life for mobile that is a real problem for me.

Can't agree more!!! On mobile this is worst. I keep loosing track on threads I'm interested because of this issue.

absoulutely right,CC! ever since they did away with the numbered columns i know there is no way i've viewed all comments on a story. they should have left well enough alone.

I just looked and even EP Support likes my comment, heh heh.

Cc woohoo got their attention run with it

Just joking of course; it's automatic.

lol.... please EP, if you read one comment today let it be this one...

Also, unless we change the order of the comments from the default most recent to oldest-to-newest---I like to leave the order at the default newest-at-the-top and read from bottom to top, it's strange, I know---we have to click until there are no more comments in order to start at the beginning of the comment thread.

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