Dear Dev team of EP..

I think one thing that could make a major differnce and help more people with this site is a mentorship program..

Let me go over the concept and then the easy dev changes:

1) EP staff helps select leaders that can organize mentors to help with various groups of people, whither its relationship, education, age levels etc..

2) new members and existing members can add a mentor to their "mentor" circle

This is where a mentor can have an open talk with them on a regular basis on different issues and help keep it personal and organized!

3) so when a new member logs in you can have a tab, would you like a mentor? and then they can look at a list of mentors, their stories how many people they are mentoring... etc..

4) Mentors can be removed and changed and managed effectively and monitored by the leaders to ensure they are not doing anything that is detrimental.

5) You cannot be voted in or made a mentor by posting questions (Can I be your mentor) that is self defeating..

6) mentor leaders would choose mentors and help organize it so there is no cost to the company.

7) You can apply to be a mentor just like a volunteer and the leaders could help filter.

DEV Side

Really i think it works fine with the circles tab, and then just adding some tables for mentors...

Also I think that you could have some spots on the home page, maybe create a mentor tab...

anyway i think it would help keep EP in the direction the Creator wants to see it

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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing. We currently have the EP Volunteer program in place with allows EP members to aid their peers particularly new members so that they settle in and become familiar and positive contributors to the community.

We are looking to expand this program and provide volunteers with more opportunities to help guide new members so your feedback is definitely useful! Please share any additional ideas you have on this topic. We'd love to hear it.

Great idea. I see a lot of people who could benefit from this idea.

I see this as a very good suggestion and worth considering. It will be interesting to see what EP thinks.
And really, because members post stories. there is a lot of information out there, to help a person this the right mentor for is not as if all is unknown. and you can always de-select that mentor..

Good suggestion! will join mentoring group if it is form someday...