If you organize the groups better. Our stories would reach more people. For example I posted a story on depression.. now I have to put it on at least 3 or more groups to get it read to the right people.

How about you having a set tree and people can make groups on that tree. But if you post on the main.tree it goes to all sub groups
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We're working on reorganizing groups and better linking groups that are similar or complimentary--so that members benefit from getting connected with a larger network of members who understand their experiences as well as making it easier for members to discover stories and other post that are relevant and of interest.

Currently, we ask member to share each story only once. I recognize that there is often overlap between groups and it can be difficult to decide which group to share your story in--however, for the time being, we ask that you narrow it down to one group that fits best.

And when groups do get merged I think the founders of the original groups should still be listed, where the group founder is shown, and maybe a note on the group page saying that it is a merging of particular groups.

But some groups need to branch off the two Vietnam groups are as different as day and night. They should be left alone.

EP badly needs a way to combine groups that are about the same experience. Often they only differ in some minor variation of the title. Having all the similar groups divides members and keeps people from sharing experiences.

Very true!

Good idea. There are too many groups that are basically the same thing. EP used to combine groups, but they have changed policies on that.

My recent communication with EP :

"DEC 30, 2012 | 03:25PM PST
EP Support replied:

Thanks for reporting this but unfortunately we cannot merge the two since they both already have members in them.
Community Support Team

DEC 31, 2012 | 04:01PM PST
[conceptualclarity] replied:
Hello EP Support,

I really do not understand this. Has there been a change in policy? I have been in at least two groups that had members already in them that were merged into groups of which they were redundant. Please explain this to me.


DEC 31, 2012 | 11:25PM PST
EP Support replied:

We can only merge two groups if they have the same exact group name. Some members would prefer one word choice over the other.
Community Support Team"

EP used to merge groups with not the same wording if they meant the same thing. For example "I Am Christian" and "I am a Christian" were merged.