Copy And Paste

EP why are you allowing this copy and paste? This is nothing but theft from members stories. And if the member claims copyright and states it to be so. Then it's against the law.!
you cannot even paste and copy a morning newspaper legally. And you know this EP or you wouldn't have it in your own rules. NO COPYRIGHT MATERIALS!

Now you may claim private site but it's still public domain. Members have the right to claim copyright on the material they submit. To protect against someone else use of or claim the work as their own. The whole internet is private owned. But you see copyright material by claim all through it.

EP your just as bad as some of these members. You keep stories from members that have closed their account or you have removed. These stories are their work and should be removed. This copy and paste is wrong and nothing but theft of someone's else's hard work. IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. EP you flag members as adult content for foul language make members pay tokens
To email them. But don't follow your own copyright rules. Enforce all rules or NONE stop 'this double standard. And stop this copy and paste before the proper authority get involved and starts handing out fines.

written by snowlover13

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snowlover13 snowlover13
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Wish this could be posted in all groups