I have the following problems. Any comments would be muchly appreciated:

1.  What is the difference between "Full site" and "Mobile"?  Wne I log on, I am always in the "Mobile" mode.  Some, (but not all) pages give me the option to switch, which I often do, but I don't see any real difference.  So does it matter?

2.  When looking at the comments to a story, many (but not all) times only a few of them are displayed.  It will say "35 comments", but then only display, maybe 4, with no option for "more" at the bottom, and no "next" or anything like that.  Other times, it will have a "more comments" button at the bottom.  What's going on?

3.  Many (but not all) times when I press "reply" to a comment, nothing happens, no box appears, or anything.  I can always leave a "story comment", but often not a comment to a comment.  Other times it is fine.  The "like" always works, just not the "reply".

4.  #2 and #3 are totally erratic.  Sometimes if I leave a "story comment", that will fix both #2 and #3 [but only for that story, not the next 1 I go to], sometimes it only fixes 1 of them, and sometimes it makes no difference.  Many times I have left a "story comment" of garbage, posted a "reply" to a comment, and then gone back and deleted the "story comment".  Seems rather stupid.

5.  Some places I can edit stuff I have posted prevoiously and some times I can't.  Again, if there is any pattern here, I don't know what it is.  Many times I have "cut" my comment, deleted it, and then "pasted" it back as a new comment in order to edit it.  Again, rather stupid.

Thanks for your help.
davyjo davyjo
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10 Responses Jan 22, 2013

<p>So, EP Staff, it has now been over a week. Where do we stand on getting any of this stuff fixed? One thing I should add. All my problems only apply to "stories". When answering "questions" everything always works just fine, regardless of what browser I am using. Is there any other info you need from me?</P>

And now I am back with IE8, and its still barfed! Only the last 2 comments display, and the "reply" button doesn't work. Now we know what the problem is, can somebody please fix it? Thanks.

Nope, doesn't matter. Now I am in the "full" mode, but still with IE 6, and all still works ok.

Very strange. I have now logged on with an older browser (IE 6) and suddenly all the comments display and I can edit the comments (it says "7 comments" and there actually are 7 on the screen). I am still in the "mobile" mode, so I will now try switching to "full" to see if that matters. So is there some strange incompatibility with IE 8, or did someone fix the problem since my last comment?

Now there are 6 responses, presumably the 5 that were here befoer I just came, plus my previous comment. But I can only see my last comment, now snowlover13's comment is also gone, along wit the other 5. So it looks like it only displays the last comment made. This doesn't always happen; some stories have all the comments displayed.

OK, this I didn't know. So, if a person blocks you, which I assume is also what causes the "can't add" to come up when you try to add them to your circle, then that also means you cannot reply to any comment they have made??? Did I get this right?

Also, how do I display the missing comments I referred to above, #2 ?? Right now, this story says it has 5 responses, but the only thing that displays is what I am guessing is the most recent response by "snowlover13". I know I left a comment before that, and there were also other comments yesterday, but none of them display right now. And I am still getting an option to "delete" by snowlover13's comment, which surely can't be correct. (I won't delete it this time, as I accidently did before, wit the staff comment.)

Most of time when you cannot reply to a comment you have been blocked by that person.

There is a lot of difference between mobile and full site. I don't have the
oversized page on My phone. Leave it that way. I don't have a computer or tablets with larger screen.

Whoa! It seems the entire "comments" stuff is now totally barfed up. What just happened 10 minutes ago?

1. I saw a comment from the staff asking me for my browser which I entered (IE 8, 8.0.6001.18702). My response was entered correctly and was displayed.
2. I came back to this "story" and my comment was gone.
3. In scrolling about, trying to figure out what was going on, I, apparently was given the option to "delete" the response from the staff, which I accidently did, and now the staff comment as well as mine are gone.
4. Obviously something is wrong here, as I should not be able to delete someone else's comment.

Worthwhile bringing those things to attention.