Story Protection

Members work hard on their stories and copy and paste should not be used. Members put story on here for others to enjoy. Not to be copied or have material taken from it for someone to use as they please. Or to be used against them for a personal attack. With paste removed from their story taken out of context.

I copyright my story and so claim it to be. And fair use DOES NOT APPLY HERE. according to Stanford fair use Chapter 9 states that copyright material can be used for reference or comments. And since we have the right and allowed comments on stories fair use does not apply. And it also states that the AUTHOR DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE USE. AND CAN BE SETTLED IN COURTS OR ARBITRATION. So this reverts back to original copyright law that none or part can be used. So copy and paste at own risk.

I want members on EP to read and enjoy my stories. And don't mind comments that pertaining to the story. I don't want personal attacks or have it copied or pasted from for someone else's personal use. And for blocked members you're blocked for a reason. And according to EP rules you're no longer allowed contact with that person.

And if members continue to paste and steal and leave nasty comments aimed at members after you have or have been blocked then EP needs to enforce their rules or make it all fair in the war that it is.

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Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claims.

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" And since we have the right and allowed comments on stories fair use does not apply."

Editorial comment isn't negated because of an ability to publicly comment.

Furthermore, material created on EP does not retain a copyright, per the TOS. Membership on EP is voluntary if you do not wish to follow the terms you are free to leave.

Furthermore, the post you are upset about contains explicit information citing you as the author... So you have no claim under DMCA. No copyright exists. Even if a copyright did exist you have no legitimate claim under copyright law or The DMCA. Stop being silly.

Denye leave me and my stories alone you don't know. I do have copyright now this is the end of it. You are not entitled use to my stories leave it and me alone. You and your friends just don't like being told you can't do something. You see the copyright on my stories. Sorry I don't give permission for use. I suggest you read Stanford fair use chapter 9.

If you believe a member is reposting your copyrighted work on EP, please report the member via the flagging tool and include details so we can investigate.

That said, whenever content is shared on the open web there is little one can do to prevent others from copying or taking screenshots and sharing content. To protect yourself, all members should be conscious of the personal information the place on the web.

Thats true that's why I copyright my materials so I can protect myself. And I sent you personal 2 emails what gypsyblu
had done to one of my stories and the personal attack she made out of it. The title of her story is I posted a snowlover13 story because I can't comment and has me blocked. And the EP can do is tell all groups you copy and paste at you own risk and author has rights to take action if so desire. Maybe this would stop a lot of it.

Good rant. Copyright is important for everything we write.

And CC and KR and EP think fair use can be applied WRONG not according to chapter 9 fair use.

Wish this could be posted in all groups.