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The link below is another example of why this feature isn't a very good idea.... EP, do reconsider.

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DeeLisa DeeLisa
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The link doesn't work. "Oops! This page is missing a heart." Could you post the title of the story so we can EP-google it?

To be clear a member can choose to post anonymously, and in most cases this is a great tool to help new members who feel shy at first open up. It's also a way for established EP members to share a part of themselves that they aren't necessarily ready to have promoted to their EP friends.

Of course, with any useful tool, there are individuals who will try to abuse it. In the case above, we tracked the member responsible for the anonymous post and have removed the individual and the post from EP.

Even though a post is anonymous, if it violates our terms of services, it should be flagged and EP staff can track the member responsible to suspend, remove, or ban them as needed.