So What'S The Point Anyway

I'm finding that the "Thank the Author" button just below each story posted is one way of sending warm gesture and showing appreciations to the author. But I don't understand why it has be sent and appear as one anonymous. It's not that it would appear to anyone's feed anyway. So what's the point of hidding one's identity from the Author themselves.

I know how the "Rate up" button works everytime we use it. That is, if I have more than a hundred friends, the story I rated up appears to all the Feeds of those more-than-a-hundred friends . Which sometimes holds me back from rating up stories, for personal/privacy reasons. Now, the "Thank you" button doesn't appear on Feeds. . .to the fact, that the one sending the "Thank you" is not known, or labled as Anonymous. I don't want to be unknown when sending my "Thank the Author". Because I have just few choices or ways of communicating, reaching out. On the other hand, I also hate feeling blank, thinking who might have been, whenever I find an alert informing me that someone anonimous has thanked me for a story I posted. I hate the guessing game either. So what the point anyway?

But if someone wants to send it as Anon. . . then that would be another story. But sending that "Thank you " Anonimously and privately is just one waste of time. In fact, I sometimes don't bother if I've been given the alert, that someone (anonymous) has sent me that "Thank the Author". I wouldn't know who it was anyhow.^^

The "Thank the Author" is sent privately. So why should it be labled Anonimously.
Would it be nicer if I could send my Thanks to the Author privately and the Author knows straight up who thanked them. I think that is how Privacy should rigidly play regarding this interactions between authors and the majority who wants to keep things between themselves. And not broadcasting to everyone every move one makes here. Rather, to have the option to go public or private.
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I appreciate you taking the time to share this post. The thank the author story is a way for members to show their appreciation when they can't find the words to comment or when they're shy and aren't ready to show public praise.

We recognize that options are ideal (choosing whether you want to show appreciation publicly or privately) This is certainly something we'll discuss introducing with our developers however, in the meantime we wanted members to be able to enjoy the 'thank author' feature in it's anonymous since it'll take us sometime to introduce more options.

Thanks EPArsineh.^^

Yes, yes, yes.... I am in 100% agreement! I say "Thanks" to folks when I comment anyway!! I hate the fact that every time I "like" a post I cloud up my buddies feeds with another Sierra thingy too.....I find I don't do that if I am commenting on a lot of stories just to try and keep the amounts down. That sort of sucks too cause I DO like what I read!! here ladyr!!!

Aww-w-w Thanks Sweetie, nice finding your comment here. Appreciated.^^

I'm with good old sierra here too..... I like to read and comment and dont really see the need for that to be on everyones feeds..... and yes, a comment is a thank you enough! Good post!