Tokens And Points....What For?

After a few weeks here I think I have figured this out on my own but I'd like to save others the aggravation. When you click on either the Tokens or Points link, as part of the page you go to, it would be good to see a brief statement of the purpose of each of them.  Tell us exactly what you can use Tokens to buy.   Tell us that the Points are  "Experience Points" - there simply  to measure our history on the site and give other EP'ers a guide to the "experience level"  of each member on the site.  What do you think?

Another idea.  It would be useful to have access to all of the saved drafts on accounts.  It would facilitate repeating (cut and paste) of messages from one group to another group.
icDavey icDavey
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Thanks for sharing this suggestion. We certainly want to help clear up confusion over the differences between points and tokens, and as you point out having a brief explanation on those pages will help. This is something we will look to add in the very near future.

As for story drafts, these can be accessed by clicking 'my stories' located on the dropdown menu below your useraname on the site header. Once on the 'my stories' page, you'll find a link to 'my drafts' on the bottom right hand column.