Whiteboard Messages Appears To Feeds

Whiteboard messages posted to friends appears on Circle Activity just like any Story or Comments, or Questions would appear to Feeds?? Why oh why is this happening EP?

My replies to comments, the stories I rate up, and now Whiteboard Messages would be candidly seen to anyone's Screens. Now, I dislike my Whiteboard messages be broadcasted. I feel like not interacting when every move I do appears on everyone else's screens.

EP, do something about it please.
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<p>I've noticed that the WB message has already disappeared from Feeds, appearing to screens/Friend's latest activities. I want to say "Thank you" to all who posted in their comments, and EP staff for removing the WB feeds.</p>

Just saw my first whiteboard feed!

**** wrote on ****'s whiteboard
there is a gud jewish ecsphreshin that sas ... trust in allah but tie your camel... i think thats gud ..

Oh dear God.... PLEASE EP remove the WB feeds!

Hahaha! That was something funny though. But still it's just a waste of space being added to Feeds. Thanks Sunnil.^^

I totally agree. That is one thing I really don't like about EP. I'm sure they do it to increase interest in more people but to be honest some of the things I post on friend's whiteboards would make no sense to the casual reader. I believe that the whiteboard posts should be read only on that member's page.

Yes-s-s! That is what I strongly believe, it should be read on your own page. Not to someone's feed. Thanks Rocky!!

I find this really annoying. Not that mine are being shown, as I don't write on whiteboards, but posts on my friends' boards have appeared in my feeds. Whiteboards should be a little bit more private, in my opinion.

I totally on that. It's not being rude, but a circle friend sending a message to their circle friends (to which I'm not connected with) would appear to my screen serves
"no purpose", as RR words were, as far as Public sharing is concerned. Thanks The manoflegends.

Same here....I agree!!!

EP, ditch it man

Thank you Spizes for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Hmm I had not noticed this little add as of yet... UGH!

I wasn't aware of this, till I concentrated in my Feeds. I have been sending and reading messages WB, and I wasn't aware that WB messages now appears in Feeds. UGH!

Under privacy settings there is an option to hide or show activity. It's likely that if you choose not to show your activity in friend feeds, then it will not show your whiteboard messages. Only it will also block others from seeing other activity as well. Didn't know if you knew this or not.

I'm aware of that settings actually. Public Sharing/forums are for Feeds, but not WB messages. And it's not that way when one sets their settings to Privacy.

Oh, ok, I wasn't sure or not. I was just taking a wild guess.


I can see why it would be annoying, but it hasn't bothered me much. After all, I would not post something on someones whiteboard that I'd be bothered by others seeing. Without them showing up on feeds, all they had to do is look a bit anyways.

Yep, but not with my own Page.

Whaaaat? I just noticed this, it must be new? Seems so invasive...

EP we really don't need WB comments being thrown in our feed. It serves no purpose...

Yep, who would like their screens being dominated by WBmessage Feeds. Really " it serves no purpose". Nicely put Ruby.

Yes. I dislike how everything is shoved in feeds now. It is why I never rate up stories (for the most part). Nothing is private anymore.

I never realized all our wb posts were on feeds.....I never noticed them from others on my feeds....I gotta go check this out now... I usually only check the story feeds so maybe that's why...

It's something that has just happened within the last couple of days.

I just noticed this last night, and I really can't believe my eyes when I was reading a Whiteboard Message. I wouldn't bother reading WB messages, but not in my Feeds.

I see it now...Yeah....this has gotta GO!!! :O

I agree. Thai is not only annoying but also an invasion of my thoughts and comments I only want them to see. I'm not sure why EP thought this was a good idea, it is NOT!!

I agree and understand. However, why does it have to show up elsewhere. I don't mind if someone gets on that persons site page and looks but it shows up everywhere. I never put something on a white board that is more of a private comment.

Nicely put, Pal. And I second your opinion. Posts like Stories, Comments, Confessions and Q&amp;A are considered Public posts. But not with WB messages which I still considered private within the premise of my Page. And "shouldn't be seen elsewhere". I wouldn't be surprise if one day when activities like PM correspondence would appear to Feeds, to whom I'm recieving and sending them.

LOL.... yes, Lady R! Soon to be in my feed: "LadyRyan sent 15 messages to LoveYouLoooongTime" ;-P


Ruby. . .?? LOL!

lol.... I seriously wouldn't doubt that information showing up in our feeds ;-)

Note to self: Do not interact with any person who has a suggestive EP name. Ever.

Oh. . . **snaps at Ruby** Neither do I. . .and who's "LoveYouLoooongTime". . .?Right on!! lol you silly girl^^hahaha!

Hhahah...... yes! With my luck that's the ID of someone I'd innocently be talking to and it would be spammed in everyone's feed ;-P

"Hmmm.... Ruby seems quite taken with this fellow... such a new side to her!"

Yeah!! And I have a great feeling that I'm taking. . .THE BAIT!. . . LOL! am out. haha!

Aww-w-w Ariel, thanks for that explanation. I appreciate it much. And like what you seem ton have observed also, it "clutters up" Feeds. And yes, unless you're connected to that friend, who would bother reading outsider's WB. lol

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