Ask Experience: Ep Introduces Question and Answers

Hi Team,

We want to quickly introduce a new feature we've been really excited about-- Ask EP, also known as EP Question and Answer.

Basically, there's over 1 million life experiences shared here, backed by the incredible people who have had them. If you have questions, the EP community has answers.

So if you've ever got a question on your mind, like what a good breed of dog is for kids, or if it's common to have night sweats while pregnant, you can ask the people who've been there, done that.

We've built it so that you can ask a question to your circle of friends, any specific group, or everyone at EP. Likewise, you can *answer* questions from your friends, from your groups, and from the community at large. You can find the latest questions by going to the Ask Experience home page, or by clicking on the Questions box in the right sidebar of many pages.

After you ask a question, people can answer, and other people can vote on the answers. You can pick the best answer at any time, or if you don't pick an answer the question will automatically be 'answered' with the best answer being the one that got the most votes.

People who provide the best answer will get trophies and points :)

We've been working on this a long time and think it can be a wonderful addition to EP, allowing you to both help and be helped in a fun, fast, and friendly EP way! Please let us know what you think-- and we hope you enjoy it!

Go to:

to check it out!


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49 Responses Aug 22, 2008

I just want to let you know that ,I enjoy Experience Project! Like a kid in a candy storeLOL!!! ,and I am still trying to figure how it works Thanks! Dorothy2run

i need to interperret a dream

I like to have tried and proven answers,we need these answers,in our daily lives.You feel so confiedent. This is wonderful!

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Thanks, every one of you. These three men knew my husband and are aware of my situation. They are all neighbors. I think one was out of real concern, and the other two (one was very friendly with him), well you already know. It's only been 4 months and I still cry every night, so it adds extra weirdness. I greatly appreciate all of your kind words and thoughtful answers, thank you thank you! -D

I love the idea and the ease of asking and answering the questions.

I asked a question a month or two ago about U.S.National Parks being designated as U.N. Biospheres. When I went to my questions and answers to review it in it's resolved state, it was no longer there for me to review. Where is it now?

Nice well done idea! I like it alot.Thanks!

It's a brilliant idea!<br />
<br />
Where do I start.....?

Needs a "Travel / Holidays" category please!<br />
<br />
Asked about air travel and had to put it in "Hobbies & recreation".. Close but not really it...<br />
<br />

I like this area, but...... I can't read the entire answers to my question because the horoscopes and other things on the right side over lap on top of the answers. I cand even see the little thumbs up icon. Is it just me or everyone?

When I ask a question, I would like to be able to comment on the comments. This doesn't seem possible.

I think this is a great idea.

I want to ask a question about how the site works and there is no category for that sort of question

I am having a severe headache. What causes such problem?<br />
<br />
Thanks<br />

Suggestions for the question feature:<br><br />
<br><br />
1) Request for clarification - if some people are asking a question with a question, asking for more information, the asker should be able to post an additional bit of info without editing the original details. Likewise, the, uh...answerer, I guess? They could check a box which would send a message to the asker requesting more information, and likewise, notify the "answerer" when such info is posted.<br><br />
<br><br />
2) Question Bidding - Users can (optionally) put down points (or even EP Tokens, to your discretion) to attract interest to a certain question and get more answers faster.<br><br />
<br><br />
3) "Invite people to answer your question" should allow you to pick other EP users to invite, instead of only supplying a list of e-mail addresses to send an invite to.<br><br />
<br><br />
Just some observations from looking at other Q&A sites... :)

It's a great idea!

I like the idea. The format is a little confusing. You should have a spot that points out where to put the answers.

Theres a great variety of questions to be answered, though some are not as good as others, its always good to get involved

I love the Ask section that you guys have added. Not only does it produce quick responses, but it also starts great topics and debates. <br />
Thanks EP Team!!!

I was looking for what water means. I don't want to read about other peoples dreams I want to know about my own. What it means or could be.

I like it, but it would be easier if i could reply to the answers of the questions i ask and know that the person that answered would get an email or something.

Sure count me in!!!!

i think the new feature is great.but then again so is the whole site.its so well laid out and easy to use.the ep staff are great as are the so glad i stummbled upon eo.bunnydrop

i think the new feature is just perfect.but then again so is the whole of ep.its so easy to genuine.its gotta be best site on the so glad i found it.feel priviged to be part of it.

i think the new feature is just perfect.but then again so is the whole of ep.its so easy to genuine.its gotta be best site on the so glad i found it.feel priviged to be part of it.

i agree with citysky; they are hard to find and for some reason it doesn't show up in my recent activity either. how can we/you make this easier? i do love the feature.

I'd like to see more filtering options on the "my questions and answers" page, such as showing only open questions. It fills up pretty quick.

Love this.<br />
Great way to meet people with the same views as your own and also get info fast.<br />
<br />
Good Job!

It is very cool. But there should be a simple and intuitive means of allowing the Question asker to message or respond to any given respondant (or all respondants). This would be a nice and easy way to thank people for providing you with input and it could allow you to clarify your question to individuals or the group when they ask for more details regarding you question. Other than that, it is a very cool feature... Thanks! :)

It's a great idea! There are other sites that do this, of course, but how convenient not to have to log out of EP! Thank you for a brilliant site :)

the question sharing thing is really good to get quick answers to something thats been bugin u 4 ages,its sooo cool,v.recommended

I love it, great addition, makes fr a more complete experience of the experience project but I wish to suggest a feature; you should perhaps add the possiblity of starring a question as interesting so we can save it to our profiles for future reference or for discussion purposes. Great job!

It's fabulous.

Call the "RELIGIOUS" category "SPIRITUALITY". You might even see some questions pop up.

this idea is really good , i received a good comment and that comment make me happy, its really good.<br />

Kudos EP! I actually had a question that was driving me nuts answered on the first page. I could surf here for a long time entertained.<br />
<br />
Thanks again and love this site!

There is no way to "rate" the responses when voting and the thumbs up merely casts the vote. It would be curious to see why it received a good or bad rating.

Sounds like a great idea!

When you guys start something new then why does have to be so complicated.

I think the Q&A is an awesome idea! It allows you to answer or ask honest questions in this wonderful environment. Honestly, I was thinking about suggesting this before it actually came about but I didn't know if I should at the time but I'm glad someone did think of it and just in time. The Q&A also allows you to improvise and go back to the questions just in case you had a story or group of that nature - just fantastic!

I'm new so I don't see a difference. But I like to answer people's questions if I can, so I hope I can be helpful here.

Great Idea, I have used a few "question forums", EP's is totally awesome! Good job!

Sorry, these questions are reserved for a mature audience.<br />
ummm what am i a child?

Is there a link on a member's "My Page" to see all the questions they have posted and easily look at the answers other members have posted? If not, that would be a useful link on the "My Page" page. Thanks.

I like the new format. And the questions are improving too. Well done EP team!

I think that this is an excellent idea - I hope many of us use it...<br />
<br />
In fact I am very impressed with the EP site and its construction and methods of working... really good stuff! Outstanding!

I like what you have done here!!I enjoy being on here commenting on stuff whether people like my opinions or not.

I don't like the new Q&A feature. It's confusing to use and the questions are stupid.

I think this is a great way to increase comments. Wonderful, and kudos to you! How do you folks come up with ideas? Committee? Do you have a paid staff?