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The Experience Project exists for the people who use it, and what better way to improve the Project for the users than to listen to what they have to say?  Let us know your ideas, problems, and favorite parts about the Experience Project so we can make it a better place for you!
EPErica EPErica
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39 Responses May 30, 2007

Marijuana should be legal

EP charges EP members tokens to make money. The contributions and interactions EP members make on this site allows EP to charge advertisers, and they charge you too. They are greedy money grubbers trying to make as much money as they can.

This is stupid and I'm protesting and leaving EP because they charge members for tokens to interact, the same people responsible for making this site successful for them to charge advertisers. YOU ARE BEING USED! Share your life and EP charges you.

LEAVE EP - There are better free sites to share experiences.

Leave if you want. Everyone wants to make money if it's possible.
And you should atleast be happy there's a site like this.

You can earn tokens and trophies by participating. Nobody uses you. You can purchase tokens. Or you can earn them. You are not getting 'ripped' off'. It is still and always will be a free site.

I forgot..I also want to add a unique feature in EP..that fb or twitter doesn't have. A moving avatar. And the members are the one to either create it here or just choose frm EP. Like a cute monster that can interact..say hi..etc. .hehe..thats a crazy idea but it looks great and unique. The members could tame it..feed etc. >w

I haven't tried but do you have any on your computer to test? What you need to seek is a picture that ends with .gif a gif has motion try and see if you can get it to display. If it does, then every one will want it.

Focus and improve on the more important things like the Q&A and stories. Erase/delete the not so important stuffs like games, name meanings etc.. Organize the interface more. Make it simple for us to navigate and find things.

-improve Q&A section..add some cute emoticons! >w<
-improve stories, experiences section..
-delete unimportant stuffs like games..
-organize and make the interface of EP simple yet catchy to the eye.

If this site is built with flash, I would love to help improve the interface.. : )

EP mngt...pls make it organize and simple. Thanks.

It would be great to have a chat room where you could actually have a conversation with someone. I haven't been here for long but I am enjoying EP and the people who are a part of it.

I wrote a 'story' about this elsewhere: default the EP connection to "https:" Are logons going over the wire in the clear?

i definatly think there should be a free point system. i'm not a mind reader but i do know that alot of us would like to be able to accept gifts and tokens without needing to pay for them ya know? it seems like everything even gifts revolve around money now.

there must be a snail under all of this...but I can't see him.

The chap above me (yes, gr8jesus) is someone who likes to copy stories from all over the net, mostly written by renowned journalists and lecturers, and then posts them without acknowledging the source. More so, he takes all the credit when given praise.<br />
On top of that, said chap has blocked me after I made a comment about his theft on one of his plagiarized stories...<br />
I strongly suggest EP takes action against such lowly behavior from a person who's supposed to be of high moral standards, both as a christian and as an EP volunteer...<br />
I usually don't flag people that often, but I'm going to flag this chap everytime I find a story he "borrowed"...

Welcome to EP Your appreciated This is your place to connect, explore and share the experiences that matter most to you. Experience Project is the largest living collection of shared experiences. I hope you will write some story as well as your own experience and share it with your friends in whole the world. I marvel at your ability to find within so much beauty and my heart is filled with wonder as I grow in reading your work.I wish you the strength of all elements This one is for you Wherever you go, My best wishes are always there with you!!...God bless you in every step of your life.....:)

I think it would be great if there was a really easy to find link on the main page of EP which would lead newcomers to a Users Manual with easy to understand explanations...(which could even be in the format of stories written by other users).....on how to use the blue bar and navigate around EP and what their favorite features are.....and so on.<br />
<br />
I would love to see the Users Manual contain stories of account to turn chat on and off for example....because that is a question we see frequently from newcomers on the Q&A board...people don't seem to be aware that the chat feature exists. Perhaps a large Chat icon leading to an instruction on how to turn on Chat could be a valuable feature for EP.<br />
<br />
SO many people are disturbed by mature content, and I think it is important that instructions be clearly given to users for what to do if they receive disturbing mail or to set their account so that they will no longer receive them.....and even how to close off their circle so that they can receive mail from people inside their circle only....if it should come to that.<br />
<br />
I think it is equally important that the Terms of Service become much more visible and easy to access so that people can click on them easily and refresh their memories.<br />
<br />
Many people don't know about flagging or EP jail when they first join EP. I was a member for 8 months and all I knew was that you were NOT supposed to click on the flag button....but no one ever explained why..... and I had NO idea EP jail even existed until about 4 months ago. That should be mentioned in the users manual, along with instructions for what to do if someone is bothering you or harassing to contact EP support....and so on.

Can we have a personal list on our Profile page that keeps us informed as to what groups we have joined etc. etc.

hahahahaha jimmy ^^

EPErica was last "seen" in 2010... so, I don't expect much answers here any more...

THIS is where we started. why has EP strayed so far from it's original purpose?!

Hi EPErica--- I'm sure you're aware of the blankness of our screen when we try to read mail, send gestures, scribble on whiteboards- do you know whats up with that? Seems this is the only way I can let you know...

Hey, I'm very pleased that EP isn't like Myspace or Facebook!! Its what attracted me to it. Chat would be good though.........

The EP is a great social network infrastructure for people with varying interest and life experience. It would complement and merge in nicely with Facebook as a sub-group or component.<br />
<br />
As I am currently working on "Project YoungOnce" at:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I hope the "youngonce" members of EP would check it out and let me have your kind comments. Thank you.

I am a newbie, but I was fascinated by how unique this kind of social networking site compared to others. I think EP is cool. Only that users can be more closer to each other if there's chatroom.

As what many of the members here are clamoring, I also want an EP chat/forum!

Can we have another line of goals visible maybe please? I for one keep forgetting about the ones that I cant see, lol. Thanks.

EP chat would be great......but i would not want to pay to use this site, there are many free sites now that also incorporate free chat and i think it would be great if EP had this too.... i think lots of people here would like to be able to chat to each other but dont really want to give out an alternative addy to do this.....after all isnt this site about staying annonymous if we wish to do so, and having to give out an alternative addy to chat kind of defeats the ob<x>ject....But i would also like to say that i think EP is a great place to meet people who share the same thoughts/experiences as yourself, and i have found it very helpful and comforting to know im not alone with the personal issues i have.....THANKS EP :)

I do not wish to see a chat program. I cannot afford to pay for this site. I don't have a job, nor a credit card.

i wish you can make ep work such that when i want to click on one particular activity it would like go open as i click on it and not have to keep going down the bottom and loolking for it. i think that was the biggest source of my confusion when i started a week ago. i was waiting and waiting not realizing i needed to get to the bottom of the page to get what page or activity i wanted to get on to. for someone like me who has limited time to be online on ep and yet want to be able to write and do things and stuff like browse and comment on or just send gifts and gestures, that will take like ages... plus i've had experiences of losing my write ups coz i emmmm forget i was on it and needed to check something else... so an auto save maybe nice, too ;) it would also save time and make a lot of progress on things we want to work on with... emmm just suggesting hehehehe but please do work on it... please... and emmm i did request for a pair of trek shoes on the virtual gift .... have you found any pleaseeeee.... i got a little friend who needs treks to go with her explore hat ! (wink)

The Experience Project errs on the side of caution when users delete their profile, allowing the user to completely remove their presence from EP if they feel they have a reason to. We are looking into allowing the user the option to leave their comments and gifts visible after they delete their account.

The Experience Project employs a filter that monitors the use of words that commonly refer to adult subjects. The filter replaces the words with asterisks for those who choose to have the adult filter on, and marks stories with a certain concentration of common sexual terms as an adult story. Users can also flag stories that the filter misses as adult. This system is in place as an attempt to keep adult content clearly marked as such so that those who wish to steer clear of it can.

I also concur with sasvix - people should at least say goodbye. <br />
Chat would also be good, and more gifts to choose from. <br />
I also would like to choose my own mood.<br />
<br />
Other than that excellent work EP.

Ooops. Clearly my comment (two above this one) warrants clarification. Meant to say that the answers I provide in the little daily survey venue don't appear as I constructed them when, ultimately, EP reveals them here. Additional words are added (clearly not my words) and even altered some. <br />
<br />
Beyond that, no criticism from this user. You've created a most-amazing site. The thought involved--let alone the work--is, indeed, remarkable. :- )

Ya well done...must be s/things that could improve it but...right now they elude me.....good site when you learn to use it......Pm very strong feature!

Chat venue would be nice, I agree absolutely. But here's a more immediate concern (for me): In that little "daily interview" segment (where random questions are asked and one answers "yes" or "no" and then elaborates), twice, now, that I've responded to it, my answers do not appear as, in fact, I've answered the questions. Either additional words are added (which clearly aren't mine) or the answers themselves are at variance with my own replies. What's up with that? :- )<br />
<br />
Otherwise, you've a terrific site here! Well done, EP people. Well and truly done. *Cheers*

more gift options....Tulips please...:)

I'd like to be able to "write in" how I'm feeling instead of being stuck with choosing one that doesn't fit.

I agree with sasxiv-I had friends that just *poof* disapear. It would be nice to at least get a note from EP if not the friend who's leaving that they are gone.<br />
<br />
I would also like to see a wider array of gifts to choose from.<br />
<br />
And...I would like to have to option of typing in my own mood.

Maybe it already exists but i would like to see everyone who is on. real time chat would be great. More gifts to give. thanks for everything.

Agree we need chat and general forums, also a wider range of gifts so we don't have to send people the same one as they already have!! I'm quite new to this site though and really think it's great. Well done EP!!

I want chat!!!! I'll sign that petition!

I can't figure how to get to the gifts so that I can send one. <br />
<br />

Is there any way to view most recent forum discussions?<br />
<br />
Also, I think paid accounts would be good. I know I would pay to use this site if it was reasonable.<br />
<br />
And more things to use points on. I mean, I like the virtual gifts but I dunno... it just seems wasted.

Don't let people delete their profiles without saying goodbye first?