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I really love this site. :) One thing I'd like to say:

I would love to see more of the recent activities in my circle so that I can comment on what my friends say and write. Currently the 10 things shown are mostly about one person's activities. I'd appreciate maybe a button with which you can get to a larger summary of what my friends did...


GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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5 Responses May 31, 2007

my circle of friend is for talking to people how to get your children to listen to you and do what you have been asking them to do .how to be a christian things that will help them to walk in there christian friends and family member thank you may you be blessin god

Im just learning how to join groups and you have a point a button would be great that way maybe i wont get lost every time i turn around<br />

It is a good idea!

:) I love it. I think it's really really good. First thing I do now is look what my friends have done. One more great thing about this site!

How do you like the new expanded friend and groups activity?

What is the new expanded friend and groups activity?