Announcing Stories Page Version 2.0!

Hi Team,

Since the beginning of summer, we have been working closely with you to find out the best ways to improve the stories page at EP-- the place where you spend the most time, and get to know the folks who become such good friends.

We are super proud to introduce today, in beta form (which means we're still testing and changing things-- A LOT), a revision of the stories page that hopefully reflects some relatively small but meaningful changes.

Note you will NOT see it by default-- you need to click 'show me the new version of this page' on the upper right of any story page (including this one!). If you like it, you can make it permanent, if you don't, you can give us some feedback before we roll it out sitewide. :)

Here are some highlights of what we've updated:

-Over 25% MORE ROOM for the story text (we heard you loud and clear on this one)

-A cleaner layout, with removal of lots of clutter, including the right hand column and tons of unecessary links

-We changed the base font to be 2 points bigger

-We added the ability for you to change the font size-- up or down, the way you like it

-A new 'Reactions Bar' where you can dynamically react to stories (sympathy, happy, sad) and it instantly updates (and shows you how others reacted)

-A new "print version" button-- you can get a printable version of any of your own stories, and EP Supporters can get a printable view of ANY story

-A new embed button that gives you a quick way of embedding a story into your own web page or blog with one click

-And of course, our new 'recommendations' boxes on the right hand side that show you : more stories from the group, more stories from the author, related stories, recent stories, and what's popular today

Hope you guys like the changes! We are committed to makin EP a better place each and every day, and we are likewise committed to listening intently on your input and feedback to help make that happen.

We love you guys,

-Team EP

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28 Responses Aug 29, 2008

I am new to EP and appreicate the spontaniety of the reaction bar. It's a good reality check!<br />

love it ! EP its the best blog site!

Do you have to comment to subscribe?

Very nice

I love the new story page. I hope all of the stories get changed to the new style soon.

Love the new changes!

Already like what I see, yet I have just been a member for less than a minute...............great job.

Oh this is fantastic<br />
<br />
I have stimatism<br />
<br />
so I can read more write more win / win <br />
<br />
Thanks <br />
Big Hugs

Yes I think this format is much better. I love it. You folks are really wonderful.

I like the new story's much cleaner and the fact that I can change the font at will makes things much easier on these tired old eyes of mine.<br />
<br />
Thank you.

I like the Caption of the day. That is a great addition.<br />
But what happened to the games. Are they gone now?

I love the new things you are doing to vamp up this site!!Its better than anyone I have ever visited!

thanks yall :)

See that's where I can help... Just put me on staff and throw it all on my desk, where it will sit, and rot, and never EVER be touched :) Even prisoners get to hit the yard at times...<br />
<br />
Luv ya!<br />

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I like the new page layout, EP. It is cleaner and seems wider, and I like the reaction bar. Easier on the eyes. Thanks, EP!

Well done Like it a lot. There is always something that could be update but you are eliminating that as well. <br />

This is great! You guys do such a great job! Thank you for caring so much about us!

Tighter, more functional, user friendly. Likem...Kudos<br />

hehe MSP you can only print your own stories, unless you're a supporting member. That's a little perk to say 'thanks'<br />
<br />
We try to comment when we can, but our hands are so full on support that that's become the primary way we see you guys one-on-one. We try our best and we adore you guys-- and even if we're not commenting, know that we're reading a ton of what you write and smiling, seeing how you guys have taken the tools we provide and turned EP into one of the most amazing places online. :)

Reaction bar I like... not too sure about the print thing though. Maybe for your own stories only? I know if someone really wants it they can copy/paste but maybe not make it that easy.... sorry, speaking for the paraoid here. Although it would make great evidence for those who seek to attack.... hhmmm Wonder if it would hold up in court? (just kidding)<br />
<br />
Okay EP Guru's keep it up... I will say I am still waiting for you to get these trophy thing right (or caught up) and would love to see more comments on stories from the EP gang. Maybe join in the fun sometime? Add more of your own personal stories? We love you but like the president you are becoming a bit hidden in the woodwork. *knocks on door* Excuse me Mrs EP but can the gang come out to play?<br />
<br />
Yes I am a dork, I admit it without a doubt... won't you join me?<br />
<br />
Hugs<br />

Yes - I like this "new look"... It is good that it compresses the space between story and comments, adds the reaction bar, and gives more room for the right sidebar to be more intelligible. Good stuff! It is a magnificent site, guys (and girls) of EP team!

Very very nice ... keep it this new way w/o any more changes ... it is very good this new way right now. If you want to make further changes then make this one site wide and start another version into test phases.<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />

I like it. As an open EP addict, the changes are very appealing to me. the reaction bar is a good add on and the look on the side is much more appealling! WAY TO GO!

I have to stand up and applause for you dedication and hard work to keep this site up and running and listening suggestions and so forth. It is slowly looking great. It will be one hell of a site!!!!

Aw, cool!!! Very neato, EP. The reactions bar is nice, something I've wanted to see more of for quite awhile...<br />
Some very useful changes here. Yay for you guys!!

I like the new font size and the right hand column looks much tidier now. The Reactions Bar is an interesting new feature.<br />
<br />
Good work guys! Now it's Friday so I'm taking you all down the pub!

Great improvements!! Thanks for always listening. What are you trying to do? Get me addicted to EP? :)<br />
<br />
I like the new questions too. :)