Like the New Features But...

Why oh why do the new stories boxes on the side of your profile or the story you are attempting to read have to load so SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ????

And why is it that when i click on 'my profile'  in an attempt to refresh the page i get "internet explorer cannot find web page?"

tulick tulick
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8 Responses Aug 30, 2008

problem over i also think t was a new thing = new glitch ep problem

i just deleted the Cookies, these are data bits that clog up my computer, also clean ur hard-disk in disk clean-up when you click on the start button a list of programs pops up and on the left side you'll see " Disk Clean-up", click on it and when it prompts you to perform the actions click " Yes" that should help you out also, k?


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i think its actually cleared up as much as its going to

Tulick, I have not been experiencing this problem.<BR><BR>Here are some ideas to try:<BR><BR>1.) Clear you cache. -- Not your history, your cache. It is the files browsers load locally when you look at a page so that if you need to see the same thing again as you surf it doesn't have to be loaded twice. In Internet Explorer this is done by going to "Tools", "Internet Options", "Delete Files". Sometimes browsers pack-rat files form webpages you have no intention of viewing again, and like any can make it hard for them to find the files they need. This is more of a problem with browsers that simply scan the whole cache for needed files.<BR><BR>2.) Restart anything you connect to the internet through. Like your cable modem if you use one, and any routers and switches your computer connects through.<BR><BR>3.) Shut down other programs that make connections if you are not using them.<BR><BR>4.) Check you browser and firewall, it is possible you accidentally blocked something, or part fo something, that EP is using to load the page...for example, did you turn off java, or block active X?<BR><BR>~ Autumn

i don't know however what i do know is the problem coinsides with the server problem ep recenly experienced as well as the revamped story boxes

Sounds like a problem with either your computer or your internet provider. I know i had a lot of troubles like that with my old computer. Do you know how to clear your history?