NEW Improved EP Header

We've designed a sleek new header that takes up less space letting your focus on the content/people that matters most to you.

Here's what's new:

**Goodbye endless scrolling:
As you browse the site, you're navigation header will always appear at the top of your screen.  No more scrolling up to get back to your header, all links to major areas of the site will be more easily accessible.

**New categories and experience topics:
Since confessions are a type of experience we thought they should appear that way.  To access confessions click on 'explore experiences' on the site header.  Confessions will appear as a category on the far right.  You'll also find a variety of rich, emotional, and fun categories to search through.

**No more accidental Log Out:
It was not uncommon to hear members share stories about how they unintentionally logged out of EP because they clicked the log out button instead of the header icon they intended.  To resolve this, we're doing what's standard across most of the web and adding the log out button to the bottom of the dropdown menu under 'Me' on your header.

**Discover New People and Build Friendships: 
We've introduced a new Find Page tab, which makes discovering and connecting with others who share your similar interests easy and fun.  You can not only choose to search for members who share 1, 2, 3 or more experiences but you can refine your search for men, women and certain age ranges to help you connect with others who get what your going through, because they've been there themselves.

We know that it'll take some getting use to but hope that you'll see the value of having a leaner header that allows you to focus on the EP content and people that matter most to you. 
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147 Responses Apr 3, 2013

When will there be a iPhone app?

Still losing icons on the header on a PC! Not every time but often enough to make it a real pain!

And still no "Add stories" tab. To me, that is the most important button of all. Yet it remains hidden behind locked doors.

There was a time , a long time ago maybe over a year or almost. I could not get into my long standing account. I am True8 and really like it like that. When I was stuck we together got thru' it and all is fine. But, tonight I found the other (not in use, account) I made to jump in. True8True8. Only one friend believed me. I was wondering if I could get my 'avatar' photo back to me, True8. Not to change my lotus avatar photo, Just to have in my collection as I cant get it up from my newly "fixed" laptop. The other 2 photos listed I do have access to. Here's Hoping, Thank you, KH

You know change. It Does take getting the hang of it. I miss my name where it was now says Me". No biggie. I just hope to keep up.

I still can't access the confessions section from the "Explore Experiences" page. The links for sections that were previously provided at the top of the page are still missing. I'm having to 'back door' my way into the confessions section, either by accessing one of my confessions from my home page, or by accessing a confession that I've commented on from my activities list. It was bad enough having the direct link to confessions removed from the menu bar and having to look for it on the "Explore Experiences" page. Now, with the links missing from the top of that page, I can't find any direct-link to the confessions section at all.

I saw "EPArsineh" here hours yesterday and see my Reply Question UN-Answered. Am I going to get An Answer to my Question? I even Posted it in her Profile Whiteboard as well.

Where did the confessions section go? Yesterday, I could get to the confessions link on the page that the "Explore Experiences" link takes us to. Tonight, the section-links at the top of the "Explore Experiences" page are all missing, and the page just lists experiences that people are posting stories in. I can't find a link to the confessions section anywhere.

I finally managed to get to the section by accessing one of my own confessions from my home page, clicking the category it was in, and then clicking "all confessions" on that page. The section is still there, just not accessible from the "Explore Experiences" page for some reason? Are the missing section-links on that page a temporary site glitch?

How come after repeatedly attempting to contact EP support over the past week and a half over a few issues , that now...they are no longer responding, is this also an improvement?

Prior to these updates to EP...ep support would always contact me within days or a week...but it's now past that.

How do I UN-Subscribe from this Particular Story? I do not care to get Notifications now with everyone making more Comments and Replies to this Story.

If the updates are appearing on your home feed you can 'X' out and opt to no longer receive updates for this story. You should only be receiving header notifications if someone replies directly to your comment.

That was what I was asking. But you replied by circular answers here, that isn't answering my Question Specifically. How do I find this 'X' out? When there isn't anything being Shown to me? In Order for me to do so?

Yes I too would like to know how.

Oh here we go. Can we stop arguing for a second? I have leanings toward both sides of the argument, but you guys don't seem to be able to argue. Eh, I should just ignore you, but you've pushed my complaint all the way down the thread and it hasn't been fixed.

I'm having another problem, though. Is anyone else getting two blue lines through links, or the like button, or through the 'how long ago you posted' sign?

If you'd please email me a screenshot of the blue lines through links, which you're describing, it'll help our engineers investigate and track down the issue. It can be emailed to or sent via a PM attachment to me.

I'm seeing this Member: "SacredLegion" Posting a lot here. Why did I get an email on a specific one? And why can't I find it?

Im pretty sure i didnt reply on any of you messages or anything....hmm idk

Unlike Tulick....I for one like the new changes and appreciate what the EP Staff is trying to do some change is better than no change right? plus, the new header has reduced my problems quite a bit and somehow reduced this sites loading time on my rather slow computer! so once again i thank you EP Staff for what you did and are doing for this site...

P.S. Tulick i already know your just waiting to blow this post down so let me remind you i have been on here for hmm almost a year so dont even play around with that "Time Matters" trick you keep posting

that's all you got or should I say that's all you got out of what I said

and time does matter when a guy whose been here 3 months a few comments down is telling me to give ep staff a break telling me its not their fault I don't keep an up to date flash player and thus see you need a plug in to view this boxes because I happened to point out that if that is all I see the advertisers are not getting their money's worth

little does he know I have adobe flash player latest version not liv vid, real player and all these others who have seemingly commandeered the adobe flash player logo to get people to download it

part of the point I was making both to that guy and to EPArmen is PRIORITIZING what they upgrade which they don't understand

Okay tulick 1. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE! 2. get off if you dont like it. 3. why invade other peoples replies to this just to tell them whats wrong with EP STAFF or EP itself? do you get some kind of joy out of pointing out faults?? 4. its the type of people like you (not excluding the pedos,harassers,etc.) who just ruin any new thing for this site so how about you just go to a different site? oh wait then you wouldnt have anywhere to make petty remarks or point out a few faults or pick apart a persons comment bit by bit just to tell them whats wrong with it because you are a type of leech that feeds off of making everyone and everything miserable......just because you dont have joy here doesnt mean other people shouldny its up to you LEAVE or just SHUT UP

I'm not trying to get joy or make people miserable i'm trying to get FUNCTION

I'm trying to get Ep staff to see what they should be spending their time on not this

And do I look like the only one on this thread saying they don't like it

why should I leave because EP staff can't get their priorities straight

I noticed you had nothing to say about the broken tech

must be nice to think fire fox solves all your problems

the time iv been here EVERYTHING has worked and i mean EVERYTHING and i dont even have the fully updated firefox i think im still at like 7-8

miss the point much

Didnt really care for the point :p

of course not of course you don't care not everyone uses firefox

didnt say everyone did....welp been nice chattin up a storm wit ya but i gotta hit that ol' dusty trail over yander yall come back now ya hear!

and people tell me I need to ride the short bus :)

why does that matter when all she is is a mouth piece sent to placate the masses in order to avoid a flash mob appearing at Ep headquarters

Sacred--Happy to hear that you've enjoyed some of the recent changes and that you've seen page load time across the site improve because of these optimized pages.

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EPArmen of course I feel the way I do the spell check for stories has been saying looks like this doesn't work with IE try fire fox FOR AT LEAST A YEAR !!!

it is long past time you (as in EP) dealt with that

of course you don't have people telling you you should ride the short bus and collect a check because you type poorly, or that you are everything from autistic to uneducated, a teenager because of same. I get that 9 times out of 10 went I comment, people using spelling mistakes to ignore my comment content

and i'm guessing you were not the EP staff member years ago called out relentlessly for explaining something that was happening with another member causing problems the message deemed fake because in typing their message something was misspelled

how bout the experience group that says I don't join groups with grammatical errors, hello

I was the one who figured out the IE9 compatibility mode thing and the site not running right, blank spaces, couldn't add friends, couldn't do this that and something else it took an upgrade to IE 10 to even be able to have story editing options and the first sentence of this comment is just one of the malfunctions I find yet I feel something I shouldn't because I do not tolerate things that do not function properly

and i'm supposed to cut you slack- why???? because you don't derive pleasure from making users lives harder- no, you just ignore them.

That EP hired a mouthpiece in the first place is bad, but you believe that I can see her position for what it is as worse. she's good at her job, but her job should be unnecessary

Look at the stories in this group; look at the comments on this thread people using mobile devices are screaming, others want you to stop playing with it and if you (as in EP engineers) hadn't put the recent activity and log out buttons too close together in the first place, something discovered by beta and user testing, you wouldn't have had to undo it

People in this group beg you to do something with pedoes, harassers people posting content in the wrong places, sex, sex, sex everywhere they turn and EP chooses to focus on a header then the supposed fix doesn't work

and unlike the guy only here 3 months other like me have been there done that more times than we want to count

Sorry you feel all that. There are at last count, basically infinity browsers, OSes, and screen sizes to support (try Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, each with at least 3 'live' versions, now add mobile-- WAP, iphone/android, and adaptive web and multiply by the amount of toolbars, extensions and country-specific issues we also come across). We do our best to support the most we can-- which is why many people here tell you the site works just fine for them-- but just look at this thread and see the diversity that just mobile phones alone have added to our support list. I don't know of a site that is as complex as EP, that is also free to use, that has gotten all of those to work perfectly-- most say "use Chrome or tough luck." I'm sorry you don't agree with our priorities, and yes I'd of course love to fix everything for everyone, and make the entire site bug-free with 100% uptime. No one is arguing with you there. However, there are two sides to every story, and you have, since day one, chosen the side that EP is some mean, evil group of people destined to ruin your experience. Arsineh is a wonderful person who has dedicated her time to helping make EP an awesome place, not a 'mouthpiece.' If you don't like people saying mean things about you because of your spelling, it's not very nice to do the same to my teammate because of her response to you (and when's the last time you got a response on a website with millions of users). And so on-- I'm not interested in engaging in a debate-- the user is always right! But we are real people with real constraints, and we don't have some ulterior motive to cause you a rough time. The only 'slack' you should cut us is to realize that we want what you want-- a better site everyday. We may not agree on what 'better' is, but the motives do not merit the abuse you heap on the team.

my "abuse" to the EP team is nothing compared to the "abuse" I get from other users when I point out EP glitches and write stories about them only for people to say it is my fault because I use browser X or a character flaw because I am who I am and I expect a higher degree of functionality while the functionality here gets lower and lower


note this persons story where they point out the same issues with the editor I did and a commenter who made the SAME point about browsers as I did of which he claims there are 4 major ones

Solving the mobile vs. website issue seems a simple concept you SPEARATE the 2 and put a mobile versions of the site on the major existing device platforms of which let me guess there are about 4, something your tech staff should understand if they don't fire them and hire someone who does

And if you didn't want the debate you should have just said nothing and went about the task of making sure tech fixed the spell check, fixed the editing issues, next created the mobile stuff and left it at that

Yes, and you've also BROKEN the mobile website. The notifications buttons don't work 9 times out of 10, the reply to comments doesn't work at all, and the "full sitte" button isn't even a link, it's just text!

Hi Mononoaware, this was an issue because of a broken ad over the weekend, which was fixed. Are you still seeing it-- you posted this two hours ago, so I suspect you are. What phone and what browser?

Samsung Captivate Glide and I'm seeing it in the generic system browser, in Chrome, and in Firefox. I've checked my cookies, the cache, rebooted my phone... everything. I'm no stranger to troubleshooting. frustrating! I just tested comment reply and notifications on a couple Androids that have the same screen dimensions as your phone (480x800) and it didn't give me a problem. It's also currently behaving for me in iPhone'S Safari, Chrome and Mercury. I'm wondering if the page is getting 'stuck' on loading something? When this happens, can you see the footer (the part after "full site")...?

Yes. I can see all the way down to the copyright notice.

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Just leave things alone please! Change is not always for the best...

Let me suggest that we tone down our rhetoric here. EP is a community where we respond to each other with authenticity, support and respect. Should that not also apply to members addressing the Support Team? Changes may be ill-advised, unwise, unappreciated or erroneous but there is no reason to call names because we are inconvenienced by having to change the way we do things. C'mon, EPers, have some class!

no because they don't respond with authenticity or support they hired their mouth piece to say what gets users of their back nothing more nothing less

Hi Tulick! Always sorry you feel this way, and always have. Arsineh responds to you and others, things get fixed (not everything, but we'll be the first to admit that nothing is perfect because fixing sometimes breaks other things), but unfortunately you never seem to acknowledge that conversation, and iteration, and progress. This entire thread is "Hey bug report" and then "oh hey, fixed"... I'm certain you don't agree with our product choices, and I wish we could be 100% perfection. It's a free site built by a small dedicated team, and I'm sorry for your troubles but it's important to us to always keep EP moving forward to *hopefully* be a better, easier, and more enjoyable place to be. Sometimes we're going to get worse before we get better, and always is change harder than no change, but I hope you can cut us some slack since we don't derive joy-- or any benefit for that matter- from breaking things, or making your life harder.

I and some others in the group "I Want to Improve the Experience Project" haven't liked most of the changes over the months, but I like the recent change in the header, especially regarding the group categories. But maybe have subcategories for more of the main categories (most main categories have just "all ___").

Why is it on main page, login page on upper screen we only see white skin hands on top of each other? Why has Ep not thought about representing multicultural hands?

so far i'm liking the new improvements EP!

Cool thank maybe add mobile app too someday soon?

If I may make a brief comment....WHAT A BUNCH OF WHINERS!!!!

I, for one, was having trouble with the former site design and I am very pleased with the changes. How about everyone just give the poor support staff a break and at least TRY to adjust to the new system....sheesh!

poor staff who never fix what we, the users, the reasons why this site is here want them to fix

who are too concerned about implementing new headers and cosmetic changes to bother making sure editing options for stories carries something as basic as spell check that works in all browsers not just the latest and supposedly greatest

who take forever to rid the site of pedoes and harassers but continually bust people like me for minor infractions largely based on their ever changing TOS and the fact people hate me for telling the truth

on top of that they hire that EP mouthpiece EPArsineh not to forward problems to the proper people to see they get fixed but to smooth feathers saying he, she, they understand instead of being honest and saying EP higher ups don't care about X, don't have any god dang clue how to fix Y and have no intention of trying to do Z

poor EP staff my rear end if they hadn't have put the log out button next to new activity there would have been no reason to move it

they wouldn't need a smaller header if they weren't trying to make more ad space and if they'd stop running ads for psychic chats, soap scum removers and things that you need a plug in to view pages would load better and people could have a games section if they wanted it

poor EP staff keep dreaming

OMG!!! Why do you even stay here if its so bad? I could engage you item-by-item and I think I will later (maybe that's why you stay - the same reason I do, eh?) But I see no reason to be so antagonistic about the whole thing. I, for one, appreciate the EP staff and everything they go thru as they develop this amazing new concept. Keep at it guys!

Ok, tulick, here we go.....First, I have been here less than 3 months and have personally experienced the completion of two expected repairs to the site. Secondly, the so-called "cosmetic" changes are what makes the site more intuitive and, for me, natural to navigate. I see the real reason for your tirade....I'd suggest you re-enable your adult filter if you can't handle adult topics.....even if they are sick topics, they are reality for those people. I'm glad EP keeps censorship to a minimum. Your negative spewing could be (gratefully) censored but is not. Fourth, people like Arsineh know how to communicate effectively. You obviously do not. As in my first point, I state again that I personally know that EP is working constantly to improve the site. Do you have the programming knowledge to do better? now you are criticizing them FOR fixing a problem? You ARE impossible! I would point out that if you had never been born, there would have been no need for you to rant so much. Sixth....advertising is what keeps the internet (mostly) free. Don't blame EP for your failure to properly maintain your Flash Player. I think the psychic advertising is pretty lame too. But, from what I can see....they are the main thing keeping this site alive. And lastly, the job of the "poor EP staff" is not made one whit more doable by the incessant ranting of miserable people like you. I have looked at your profile. I am sorry that you are so profoundly unhappy. My sympathy is greatly reduced when I see you trying to make yourself feel at least a little better by bringing everyone around you down....and intentionally! I engage with many unhappy, depressed people in groups on this site but I will not be engaging you. You are not judged because you are different. You are judged because of your extremely unpleasant, pointlessly negative behavior. I have no pity for such a victim as you.

that's your problem only been here 3 months wait until it's 3 years and you have asked begged pleaded for fixes and they do NOTHING

it may be more intuitive for you, not for others as you can see from other people's comments that aren't mine

I don't need to engage the adult filters because I don't have a problem with adult topics I have a problem with everywhere I turn all there is are adult topics, but that is not my point about pedoes and harassment

promoting illegal activity is against EP TOS i.e. writing stories about ********* behavior you participate in

sending someone unwanted sexual advances, content in a private message is against EP TOS

that's what I was referring to problems that are not personally mine but that many complain about over and over

it is not effective communication to placate someone for the sake of preventing a mob scene electronic or otherwise when you have no intention of dealing with the issue which is ALL she does it's what she was hired to do get the users off EP's back about real issues so they can instead make only cosmetic changes and i'm far from the only one to think or say so

I'm upset that they put the log out and recent activity buttons so close together years ago in the update they did (which had they beta tested, user tested it at all they would have known was a no go) and then when users complained it took then THIS LONG to fix

Advertising is fine not the Oranum psychic ad that follows you relentlessly and takes 3 minutes to load

and I have adobe flash player latest version no I don't have real player, live vid, movie player and everything else plus even if I did they wouldn't work well if you have one another won't work and so on. not to mention trying to update won't get past your anti virus and if you disable it you can't re enable it get virus pay $200 to have operating system restored

hassle much

And the larger point if all I see is something about a plug in I don't see the ad and the advertiser is not getting their money's worth so why don't they make the ads to work with ALL browsers and adobe flash player and be done

not to mention if the problem was updating to this that and something else's brand of flash player was EP able to fix most of it ???

as I said on another thread the only place I see all that BS about plug ins is on sites for watching movies and TV online

I did not ask for your sympathy, don't want it the only thing i'm bringing people down to is real I don't need you to talk to me or respond to me

I'm judged because i'm not easily impressed by a staff with a long history of doing this to users without which they would not have a site

I am judged because I think if it doesn't work for all browsers and internet speeds it's worthless vs. everyone who buys the try a different browser bullshit, shakes their head and says that's the way it is, oh and if you do get another browser it only lasts until EP doesn't work well with the latest version of chrome, firefox safari whatever

a hamster wheel i'm not getting on

i'm judged because I don't believe positivity as it is currently defined by you, culture is a prerequisite for breathing

i'm judged because I tell the truth people don't want to hear similarly I communicated just fine; you just don't like what i'm communicating

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There seems to be a problem with the code thaat sets the magnification or "zoom" setting on the pages. Some of mine come out OK but some look crowded and overlapping like I tried (in Win 7) to zoom in too close.

Yes. On my 16:9 monitor there is plenty of room. In fact the site looks like it is designed for 4:3. Lots of blank space on both sides. The "Zoom" issue seems to be limited to my laptop where I have the touchpad configured for pinch-zooming. I have the touch pad disabled in favor of a wireless mouse but the problem could be in there somewhere.

why does humanoids have a hard time adapting to what is new?

what is non fonctional on the site?

problem has been adressed all you guys can do is be patient see if they adjust

Sweetheart, you're confusing 'change' with 'good change'. Adjusting to change has nothing to do with it. If you can, there are many rhetoric books that show you why this statement is eronus. No flak, though. Happens to be a pet peeve of mine. Thanks, love.

Hey, I changed my mind. I've tried to operate this thing and it's really crap. Can someone else do something for me? Can they click on their notifications bubble, and then click on their PM envelope and see if they over lap? Cause if it's one more computers than just mine, that's just bad design, sorry guys. problem here.

Ah, it's alright, but so was the last format. All I know is it's clogging up my tiny screen. Thanks.

I see nothing but complaints. Bring back the OLD EP we know and loved!

As with the majority of people commenting about the "improvements", I am also aggravated. I'm having to click more and wait for more pages to load to get to where I used to be able to go with one click. Saying that having to click twice and wait for two pages to load to get to a section when it used to be one click and one load is NOT an improvement. Any time that you might have saved us with a floating header is surpassed by the extra time that you now make us have to use to extra clicks and page-loads to navigate a site that used to be simple and now has become cumbersome. If it is this aggravating for members who have been here for a while, I shudder to thing of how befuddling it will now be for visitors and new members to figure out how to navigate the site. Did anyone stop to think about how making visitors have to search for sections that used to be clearly identified on the header would impact whether people would be more or less likely to want to join EP? Whoever designed these improvements obviously doesn't have a clue as to how ergonomics factor into whether something is an improvement or an embarrassing fiasco.

This is a very perceptive observation. The comments about the headaches for new users cannot be overemphasized. I constantly have to re-assure newcomers that "it's not that bad" and "you will get used to it." That was pre- change. This is a nightmare for a newcomer now.

I have no trouble...maybe its your system?

When using a tablet interface, it is impossible to log out using your new header. It just takes you back to your personal page. Please fix, also you can not search for people near you anymore.very frustrating

What kind of tablet are you using? And what browser are you using?

I've been sending feedback to EPsupport by email as I'm having simlar issues.
The header doesn't even appear on the Questions main page, so I can't navigate back to my profile.

They really should bave had more thorough testing done with wider platforms.

Android OS.

Google chrome browser

Thank you for working to Improve the experience on experience project

The find page doesnt search adult groups! Can we get a page that does that? I would like to find others that are into the same things or had similar experiences, just because their adults doesnt mean one adult cant find another adult to talk about it?

I can't even log out now since the header icons have vanished again. I am open to new changes but these are unfortunate and poorly executed. What worked fine is now quite cumbersome.

awww.... this is great arsi.. very nice indeed, but at the end of the day i still wish i was dead. please get to work fixing that.


Where is MY CIRCLE?

I'm glad that the "Log out" button is found inside the drop down menu. No "accidental log outs" from mobile.But I think "My Circle" should be put back. I can't remember if "My Group" was ever there, but it would also be nice if it was there (in the Menu). Also though it works well to PC, the new Header is a pain in the butt when using mobile. The Header remains the same in small size, while I expand a page. The more I expand, the Header is left out dissappearing altogether from the current expanded page.

I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now way too difficult for me to log out of EP while on my phone (with a touch screen.). I don't like that aspect of the new header. The others I have no opinion on either way.

Why did you all feel the need to fix something that was not broken? Is the new format here to stay or please tell me there's a good chance to get the old one back?

Once you get round it, it will be fine.

I loved E P. But I most definitely do not like the new format!!!!!!! I will be looking for a new website.

I am amused. So very many people who hate change. I think once I get the hang of the new system it will be lovely. Thanks for all the hard work that went into it.

What is the best way for readers to get from one post to the previous or next post in a series?

Why can't things be left alone?Nothing wrong with how it was.Not liking this new header at all.

Sorry to hear you're upset about the new header. Unfortunately there were a number of unexpected bugs that may have made your experience poor on top of having to learn the new location for links to sections you used. Today we've ironed out many of the bugs which should make using the header easier.

Well the find people is terrible.Makes us feel like we are looking for a date or that this is becoming some dating website.Well anyway I am not typically a complainer but not liking this at all.


I think you should just put it back the way it was.

I'm noticing a lot of people commenting about the home page - if you just click "me" it'll take you there. :)

We're working to address issues and make sure the header works properly on all screen sizes. Please let me know if you're still having trouble in an hour.

I don't care for the new header at all...much of the time it disappears altogether... Hard to get to where I want to go...just made things more complicated...

I liked the old header.

Sorry to hear you're upset about the new header. Unfortunately there were a number of unexpected bugs that may have made your experience poor on top of having to learn the new location for links to sections you used. Today we've ironed out many of the bugs which should make using the header easier.

Sorry to hear you're upset about the new header. Unfortunately there were a number of unexpected bugs that may have made your experience poor on top of having to learn the new location for links to sections you used. Today we've ironed out many of the bugs which should make using the header easier.

I didn't mean to cause concern, I like the new header just the same but if you increased the size.. I just noticed that it's the same but squashed.. :S

Where is the feature "Find People Near You?" And that feature would be even better if there was a way to put in search criteria to narrow the results. Thanks.

The change is a debacle even on a PC. I have no header at all that allows me to check on mail or even to navigate directly back to my home page. What a mess!

A location filter is coming soon! You'll be able to find members near you or on the other end of the world who share your interests/experiences.

I thought the mobile version was bad before. That thing floats all over the screen except where it should be. And the logout on the menu doesn't seem to work. I have to switch to the full site and then try to hit the logout menu item, which isn't easy on a touch screen.

It does work fine in my full browser, I'll give you that.

This bug should be corrected. Please let me know if you're still having trouble.

For some reason, when I vist another page my persoanl icons dissapear . Also, what happened to the ability to search for an EP member specifically? The find member search button is gone.

Same with me- my personal icons go up in smoke.

My dear friend,this particular new header ,i think ---more helpful members like me.Many thanks to the staff members

attention EP, STOP ******* CHANGING THINGS. It's confusing no one, likes it, it is not sleek. It looks dumb. Also with my current screen resolution I CANNOT even see the rest of my "member notifications" because you decided that pinning the navigation header was a good idea. I literally have to go All the way to my profile, just to see the last two. That's NOT CONVIENIENT. BRING BACK THE Q/A button. This site is just getting worse and worse and worse.

Also Be more careful about the ads you allow on here. I've had six attacks on my computer, seven issues with site cross scripting, and a redirect virus keeps attaching itself to my ip, IT ONLY comes back when I am here. CLEARLY it's your fault.

You're right .My Avast picked up and stopped ad ware/ mal ware and so far 2 viruses from EP.

Thank you so much, I was afraid it was just me.

Hay BG43214

They can't get rid of the tokens silly that is how they make money. They need money to help keep EP open this sh*t is not free at all

Thank you Beautiful. For always improving our EP experiences.

Its just all so confusing,always something new to figure out just when i had the old system figured out.Spend more time getting a program where you can find people with your own interests and in the same part of the country.For example.Say i am looking for a cuckold couple.I find one and they are 3000 miles away,not going to happen.If i go to people in my area i see several but there interests are nothing like mine.Go to A.F.F. and see how you can find people with the same interests in your own area with just a click.It would make the E.P. a more fun place to be.Stop screwing around with moving stuff all over the page so every time is a new learning bad experience.Not everybody is a computer guru.Now i am looking for headers.The last time i saw headers they were under the hood of my car.Spam is some sort of mystery meat in a can.Make the site easy for everybody.

So far it totally sucks

I wanted to find the biggest group...and the second biggest... Is it possible?

again, do NOT know where to put this opinion, but WHY are there tokens? they seem SO DUMB to me........why not just get rid of them?!?!?!?!!!

They can't get rid of the tokens silly that is how they make money. They need money to help keep EP open this sh*t is not free at all.

That isn't how they keep their doors open Hiatt. The ads make up the bulk of their operating funds. I have yet to meet anyone who has actually purchased tokens.

Where the heck is the Q & A button gone? Loved one click to access and answer.

Well what I wish is for libraries to come back...seems that EP changes are not being made based on what we want, but rather what EP wants much of the time and that annoying box that automatically pops up when we rate someone's story up, we have to close it just to make a comment! Now that can't be that hard to ditch!

How come it only says ASK QUESTIONS instead of ask and answer questions....more of us answer than ask, is especially why.

thank u for fixing it!! i always accidental logout an it was frustrating lol but i really like the changes u made to it! good job!

These are some nice changes. Good work. I'm getting used to things being in different places. Thanks for putting the people search window (by screen name) back on the find "people" page. Good move. BUT, do you remember where you put "my circle"? I wish I could find that again in the pull down menu. Maybe you felt it was redundant with the "my friends" page but I used “my circle” more because it was right there in the pull down menu and I didn't have to wait for the "my profile" page to load and then search for another button. Please think about putting that back on the pull down menu. Thanks.

Where are all the Story categories now? And my circle does not appear to be listed as an option under "me."

When will you guys complete the testing and fix it? On a mobile device, the new header is miserable.

I like the home page UEX on a mobile device. There's no header and I like that.

You folks need to experiment with zoom options on a mobile device.

The problem is the header doesn't fit right when I zoom in. Its cut in half. I use a mobil device. Its not good on mobil. I have the biggest screen and it still is to small to click things as it is now. Please change, thanks.

Is there a way to get back to our profiles once we leave it in order to see our circle activity there? As far as I can tell, the only way to get back is to make a comment on the page we're on so we can link back by clicking on the avatars in the comment.

I know you are trying your best to keep EP fresh, but I do not find this new set up very good, I liked the old ways.

Whereas I appreciate not having to scroll back up the page to reach the menu bar, having to click more and take longer to reach a section is not an improvement; it's a nuisance that outweighs the menu bar staying at the top of the page.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment and sharing your feedback. You've helped us uncover a number of bugs which our engineers are working hard to address and resolve very soon. We appreciate your patience.

Coming soon on the people page you'll have the option to refine your search by member location as well as the option to search for members online now.

Seemed like a good system, until it took me five minutes to be able to click on my notifications since the new header takes up all the space and blocks it. Back to the drawing board EP.

I can't see who is online now.

Something can be "new" and something can be "improved" but not both; it makes no sense. If it is new then how the heck has it been improved?

I do like that the header stays on top, but I think it's pointless to combine stories and confessions. They should be divided again as they are a different way for someone to express themselves.

I really enjoy the new format great job and keep up the great work... -SaraAshley

Yeah great, but not so great on the iPhone.

good :)

thnks it is a great help

Awesome!! These improvements should make things a lot easier!

great !

I'm having trouble using advanced editor in messages I write

what about meebo?

Thanks, but how do I access the top right hand of the screen if it doesn't show. With all the problems you and I have had recently it sounds like where I work.

You have a bunch of IT guys who put something in place before they know it works for everyone and yet they think of themselves as intelligent beings who can't see the forest through the trees.

Last week I fired 3 IT people like this. Maybe you should consider the same!


i get it........thanks a lot for your continuos support

I see what you are doing and appreciate the fact that you are continually working to improve the Experience Project, but I would like to express what I wish you would change back. I liked having the list of My Circle of Friends that was to the right of my opening profile page. It was nice to be able to see who was online and active. Also being able to see the questions that my circle had responded to and what stories they had commented on and posted during the day helped me keep up with them. Now I feel kind of isolated. I wish this would be changed back. Thank you.

Please ignore the above post. I figured out that I just have to hit the home button and I can see my circle activity and friend list. Wow!! what a relief! :-) Carry on.

I'm trying to keep an open mind...although it seems that some things are now even more difficult. Right I'm typing this, there is no easy way to get back to my mail or whiteboard. That is NOT in the new header at all I actually have an even harder time, and even more scrolling to do than before. Also...some people have lost the abilty to send homemade cards and gifts. While I still can...some of those in my circle cannot, nor can they recieve the ones that I have I sent. I'm assumimg that with all things...there will be glitches, and I truly hope they will be short lived. Thank you for listening though...and trying to make it easier. I understand that it's not always easy to please everyone, so can we just please me first this time? Just kidding....kinda! ;-) Have a wonderful day!

Also...there is no easy way for me to get back to my own page from the Q & A board. Just found that out now though. I also read the comment of some2soon above...and I still have the things she speaks of, so again it seems not all of us are having the same issues.

Please No FaceBook

Please dont make facebook be apart of this . This is real and that should be fakebook.

Im also depsessed by lack of testing before improvements being rolled out

Very nice :) I'd rate 10 to 10 seriously it just looks cool.