Experience Project Interview

What is your favorite thing about The Experience Project?

It's similar to those other social networking sites but it's uniquely different. I like the emphasis on "be yourself and find new friends that understand you" because simply in real life I find I can't 'be myself' because no one really understands or shares my experiences.

What most needs to be improved about The Experience Project?

Maybe something about the worded expressions of similar experiences. I know that different ways of stating an experience can reflect very different experiences but often it doesn't. E.g. I feel... I think... I want... I need.. I would like to feel... I often feel... Some experiences might be redundant. Some people might be in lonely groups thinking they don't share their experience with anybody.

What would you most like to see as a new feature on The Experience Project?

More privacy features. Perhaps an option to restrict our contributions to be read by Experience Project users only. Maybe I'm just concerned about showing up on search engine results, particularly for blog entries. I don't like the idea of having my writing still archived on search engines even though I deleted it.

What is your favorite thing to do while on the website? Or what do you spend most of your time doing while here?

My favourite thing is just being here and being stimulated to think about my experiences. It's also great to just be able to read about similar experiences from the perspective of other people.

How often do you comment on the stories you read? Why?

I haven't read that many stories yet but I generally don't comment often, especially if there are no other comments. It's because I'm shy, socially anxious, fearing negative evaluation etc.. I'm not sure what are some ways to encourage readers to respond or make it easier to but I know, for example, this interview structure makes it easier for me to post my story here.
Scarlet Scarlet
18-21, F
6 Responses Jun 9, 2007

I would like to use EP to search for friends that I have lost touch with over the years but I have no idea how to do that without creating a huge privacy or security issue. Any ideas anyone? Maybe it would have to be something that people opt into conditionally. How do other people link up with those they lost touch with a long time ago, people they went to school with or maybe shared a house with when they first moved away from their parents or people they remember from their first job but have not got a clue how to contact those people now considering that a lot of people move around these days and do not necessarily maintain contact with particular clubs, societies or church groups etc? I am thinking of a name something like Link-Up if that is not already a registered trade mark. I am interested in your feedback. Would you join such a group? What information would you be prepared to have listed about yourself for the purpose of contacting or being contacted by old friends or acquaintances? I am just thinking out loud at this point. My ideas have not really taken shape yet.

You might consider putting a combining suggestion option on the side of each group so people can conveniently tell you if they've seen a redundancy :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been going through and combining groups that obviously belong together (I am a mother of 2 with I am a mom of two, I love to cook with I love cooking ect). If you spot any more groups that should be combined, please let me know. As for the privacy features, we are thinking about a few different ways to offer more privacy to our users.

fabulous ideas! simply fabulous! i say group em - similar experiences. if it means the same thing why should there be 3 groups?

I love the idea of consolidating similar experiences, but I think there should be a link to similar experiences instead of combining the separate groups into one.

My favorite stories to comment on are those with no comments...it's like fresh snow no one has walked on ^_^ I really like a lot of your ideas, and you know what I like even more about this site? That the "powers that be" aren't so far away, I know they're listening, and I really hope they hear what you have to say because these ideas are very comprehensive, especially the one about the term disambiguation.