Semi-random Suggestions.

This site is a small marvel at times, and utterly unique. I just wanted to add a few ideas to the melting pot!

  • Allow line breaks/carriage returns in comments. Some of us have a habit of writing quite lengthy comments and they can become nearly illegible without any capacity to format them. Maybe give us a limit so that the comments don't become outrageously long, but I stil can't see that being a problem?
  • Randomise the featured experience? Maybe anything with a custom picture will do. I know there's a randomised prompt, but I don't look at it, whereas I stare at the featured one every day. :P
  • I'm sure you have decided not to include URL posting capability on the main site for good reasons, but I'd love to see it in PMs
  • Basic formatting for PMs (well, italics alone would suit me!)
  • You could create a custom gift function that we could only access by donating a certain amount. Only frequent users would want to use such a thing, I imagine, and it'd make that function all the more special
  • Randomise the some of the default experiences in the "What are you about..." box. Maybe that way some of the older experiences will pop up now and then? I think that it's currently based on most popular, no?  But that would seem to just reinforce the experiences that people already tend to.
  • It could be my browser (mozilla suite) but the bullet points in these bullet point lists don't show up!
Just some thoughts! I'm fairly new to the EP still, so maybe some of these are redundant and I simply haven't worked out how to change stuff properly.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

I like them all :)

Thank *you* for looking over them! :D

Thank you for your suggestions! We are looking over them. All feedback is good feedback, thanks for your help.