Want to Be Able to Add to Stories (follow-up Entry)

There are times I write a story and then, later, want to write some sort of follow-up. For example, I've written a story about how I've had a zillion jobs. Now let's say that I want to go back and write a follow-up about how I think it may have a meaning and purpose in my being a writer. Yes, I could write a whole 'nuther "story," but that doesn't seem appropriate to me. I want people that read one story to see all the addendum stories which are related.

Just a thought.
liferiot liferiot
26-30, M
1 Response Jun 10, 2007

ahh YES! the ability to categorize your own stories within your own categories (not experiences but categories as many of the 'experiences' cross reference.)

Yes, I wrote a story here about just such a feature. I'd love to see them make it possible for us to have separate *folders* for each category, within our own profile.