My Serenade for EP Armen And EP Arsineh

Since they seem to ignore our frustration regarding the current changes, I thought this song will give them our message loud and clear.

Let´s freak the freak out  !!!!
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10 Responses Jun 12, 2013

Love it. The only mature stories I've ever posted concern my erotic dreams of EPAllie. They always center around 'tokens' for love. And I received feed back that she was non to happy,

I've never known any site to go to the dumps like this one. I discovered it while on chemo battling cancer a couple of years ago. Back then it was a true experience sharing site. Now its slowly turned into a hook-up chat site. What bothers, me the greatest, and I let the staff know, is I don't like the way minors have taken over this sight. Granted kids are wonderful, but sometimes, and in some places, we adults need some adult time.


I really enjoyed that!


Enough is enough, they need to come out of hiding and talk to us about the monumental c0ck up they've foisted upon us!!!

Woah oh oh!!!!

Hahaha XD

HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA This is so funny! Absolutely made me laugh!

SO much!

Excellent! I hope, but doubt it, that they actually listen to this. Great post, thanks. :-)

I certainly did. :-)

I just tried to send you a PM but I couldn't. I thought I was in your circle. Oh dear. :-(

No need to freak the freak out. I'm here. I'm listening. I know there's frustration regarding the new profile/header and if you could tell me more about what you find frustrating/difficult to use I can work with our developers to make sure it's addressed.