Download Your Stories, Pms, Whiteboard?

I would love to be able to download all my PMs, even if it's just as one big text file. That way, I could clean out my inbox and also search them easily for personal contact information.

Extending that idea, I think it would also be wonderful to download all of one's stories, in a similiar database dump manner.

TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
31-35, M
5 Responses Jun 22, 2007

It won't happen. In essence, you're breaching the other users privacy. They may have shared information with you which they would prefer to be kept private, especially contact information. Who knows what downloading such things could cause if downloaded to the wrong person.
I'd recommend you just copy & paste text for now.

not a bad idea!

I second everything TheTardyDodo has said. <br />
The ability to archive all of my ramblings would be a bonus, so many stories, enough for a book of random essays I think. <br />
And extending the recent activity would be great, maybe an option to go back within a certain time-fr<x>ame...otherwise those of us who sometimes spend a day or more away miss out on a lot.

I would also love to see an extension of the very useful Recent Activity of My Circle box. At the moment, my Circle is very active, so frequently I end up only seeing one or two people's recent activity. Which is great for the site, of course, but I'd love to be able track down what everyone had been doing without viewing their pages individually!

Also, I think a filter that filtered out which groups you personally had started would be excellent. I have been meaning to make custom pictures for the groups that I have started but I do not remember which ones they were (:P), and perhaps an easy way to list them might encourage more people to upload custom pics.