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there needs to be some kind of mailbox help - whether it's folders for organizing those messages you wish to save or a method in which to download them.

also ...

on the wellness/mood charts ... when you go to the 'details' page you will see the days are not in order.  the days really need to be in order or perhaps another format should be considered if this particular format will not allow for that.

i personally utilize those charts/trackers each day - many of us do.  everyone with their own personal reason i'm sure.  but for those of us who are tracking our health and diet habits ... when the days are out of order it's not easy to find what you need.  (it's just not viewer friendly in detail form.)

and maybe spell check?

thank you for the opportunity to share ideas.

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no downloads, spellcheck sounds amazing.

There needs to be some way to find the dreams you have already commented on. I have had replies to my interpretations and I can't find the original dreams to refer back to. Am I missing a way to do that?

3 good ideas will score us a triple but Id rather have a home run. How about a wetbar?

I cant find how to invite someone to my circle of friends, I usually click ok when someone sends an email saying they are a fan......but I dont know how to tell someone I'm a fan of them

please on the email I cant stand a full box but i would like to keep some

im new here and i need help about this site, see if anyone can help me and free to add me in ur buddy list ty.

When I view the details it groups the months in alpha order with descending date. MUCH better than it was. However, it's still not chronological. But I'm not worried that much about it. I think the doc can decipher it as is now.<br />
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Thank you SUPER EP staffers!

hi constant-- we think we fixed the mood/chart chronology bug-- are you seeing it anymore? <br />
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Also, spell check exists for stories -- it's a button in the editor.

...i find that I must copy/paste emails I wish to save into a file for follow up. I would love to just have them here at my fingertips... great idea

Amen, Well said. esp spellcheck LoL<br />
Downloads would be nice as well.