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A Bit Harsh, But Work With Me.

I just wrote a story on being frustrated. So, this may be some carry-over. But, a few things that people are doing on EP are really driving me nuts. So, I will plead my case before the public and hope not to be E-lynched for my efforts. I might elude to a few names too...

1) STOP SPAMMING! You do not have 2,145 Experiences. Stop lying. You are just clicking in to every group. It is not a race for EP glory and EP is not going to give you a prize for most EXP's or stories. And speaking of stories...STOP WITH THE ONE SENTENCE STORY FOR EVERY EXP! If, you have nothing to say on the matter...DON'T! You are 21 years old and sit on EP all day, how could you possibly have any experiences...we all know who I am talking about on this one.

2) Enough with the adding every person you see to your circle! That is another form of spamming. You have 571 people in your "friends" list. BULLSHIT! You (like everyone here) talk to a core group and then have your occasional buddies. You do not talk to, nor even care for 500+ People...Stop lying! This is not MYSPACE! Or, stop trying to have a friends list like CoolWomanMMM's...give it up!

3) When forming a group/new EXPERIENCE: Spell it correctly please. It is really silly to see; 'John123 has commented on Jane123's story in "I'v got uh lembergini marcyilego". If you can't spell it, then it stands to reason your exp in the matter is probably lacking anyhow.

4) Stop spamming the "Question for you" section, please!? It can be a useful tool and resource. But (as with everything) people have to ruin it. Lately, a few individuals keeps posting stupid *** rhetorical questions on stupid *** topics over and over. STOP, for the sake of EP STOP! You are not funny. And you are getting those questions from an outside source becaue we have all seen them before! Lameass.

5) Please stop entering groups that you have no experience in. If it is about street racing, and you have never street raced...DO NOT JOIN THE GROUP! No one wants your  story about how you would have liked to do it. Join or create the "I would've liked to have street raced" group. Easy enough for you? A woman named something like: 'PeaceonMars', joined a group about stories from prison...then goes on to say how it was just county jail for about 6 seconds or some dumb ****. Don't join the group you lying asshat.

6) Guys: Stop being pigs to women! No one in their right mind wants to see your shrivled up 49 year old ****. No one wants to hear about how you'd "really love to **** her wet *****". No one wants to see your obvious PhotoShop enhanced abs or junk. No one believes that you have a 9 inch ****. Stop lying.  You are lame and trolling for vulnerable girls and un-happily married women. You are lame, give it up. Some dudes named (can't name names so I will elude to the name) crackBACK4someMORE or WED2AHOTTIE, come to mind. ******* chumps.

7) EP has so many useful tools and pools of knowledge to extract from within its user base. USE IT! Don't waste time here to see if people like you. Read, share, help, learn, evolve. Help make EP better. Do you really want this place to go the way of every other Social Net locale? I don't.

8) If you do not want to share an image of yourself, then don't! Do not put someone elses image in your profile and pawn it off as you! Enough of the fraud already.

9) Enough with the threats to "leave EP" No one with half a brain is buying it! You want the EP world to come by your board and shower you with praise and attention. Stop! No one ever leaves anyway. Why do you morons keep falling for it?? You are getting played like a fool. And to the people who threaten to leave (repeatedly) and never do: You are ******* with peoples feelings and are a douche bag for doing it!

Basically, I just don't EP to become another watered down 'Net waste dump for the mindless. EP has been very good to me and many people that I know, too bad (as with so many cool things) the lame, the mindless, and the ******** have managed to infiltrate and over-run EP. Pity. Maybe I am one of the ********...if so I am sorry. I'll try to do better.


EricS EricS 31-35, M 75 Responses Oct 31, 2008

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Thank you for that. I'm new and already get it.

Well, I am one of them too. That is not what I was implying. I was referring to certain people who just click into every group for the hell of it. It's silly.

I did add you back. How else could I know when and where you are commenting and vice-versa? Circle activity.

To start you said: "Dum dum dummmm" then agreed with a fair portion of what I said. :)<br />
Secondly: you have (as of this moment) 303 friends. Of which I am one. You have never said a word to me, gesture or otherwise, other than a comment this! That means, by your rationale you keep in good contact with and a knowledgeable on 150.5 of your listed friends? Come on real. You sent me the fan request and that was it... *chuckles*

Is that a fact? I'll be damned... I guess it is nice to hear that some people like me... :)

*shrugs* Thanks

Eric,Eric,Eric,I did'nt comment on your first story about stop saying I'm leaving EP,but I did agree with you on that one,but I had to comment on this one.This was really funny and I agree with you 100%,you hit it right on the nail with every single thing you wrote about!!!

I got nothing...Muahaha! :(

Eric ypu made me laugh tonight, but i aint gonna add you as a mate.......but have you any crumpets or bagels or crusty bread or owt? mwah

Jessie up and freaking vanished...POOF!

Here we go with the wiener pics again... <br />
<br />
Is JJ gone at least?<br />
<br />
You boys and girls have fun... Mrs. Sailor awaits!

I see your Shwartz is as big as mine!!!

mj... Yes I did, awesome story, sailor is a crazy crepe chef too, 2 pans... (why do I have 3 pizzelle irons)...???<br />
<br />
Hello oh Dark one!

Mother of god... *Cries*

No Eric, you are right on the money.

I LOVE CREPES!!! Has anyone ever read my crepes exp? YUM YUM YUM

I cant! When I bite people they turn into Crepes... :

Holy nightmare pancakes!!!!

Thank you Bass...I appreciate it. I hope it was not too upsetting.

Once again well written and thought out Eric. Here, Here *applauds* !

Big Crash....<br />
<br />
JJ I SWEAR.... If you blow up another computer.....<br />
<br />
M... I think you would have been better off if you just said something.... Now we're actually .....nevermind.....<br />

I am not a goofball.........well maybe

When Jessie, HS, Eric are around each other nothing can be taken serio! Dear god...This was a serio story and has now become a room full of goofballs... hilarious!

ummmmmmm that shall be left to the sick minds of the EP fan club present at this evening Halloween Party:-)

We make a mockery of everything! LMFAO! <br />
<br />
Eric is doing what!!!??? *Flex and a moonwalk*

***keeping my distance***<br />
<br />
Do you blame me? I've seen things I don't like.....<br />
<br />
mj, what is Eric kissing.....?

Ouch Mello!!<br />
<br />
Crap.... I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt.... I promise<br />
(especially me)<br />
<br />
J... I'm not sure if I'm man enough to take what your punishment will be...<br />
<br />
Eric... Wise....

I'll kiss your...YEAH! <br />
HS is flappin!! HS is flappin'!

HEY!! If Eric isnt gonna kiss my boo boo Im leavin!!!!

HS is flapping?? can I flap too??? <br />
Mello is poking a stick? Nevermind...