A Bit Harsh, But Work With Me.

I just wrote a story on being frustrated. So, this may be some carry-over. But, a few things that people are doing on EP are really driving me nuts. So, I will plead my case before the public and hope not to be E-lynched for my efforts. I might elude to a few names too...

1) STOP SPAMMING! You do not have 2,145 Experiences. Stop lying. You are just clicking in to every group. It is not a race for EP glory and EP is not going to give you a prize for most EXP's or stories. And speaking of stories...STOP WITH THE ONE SENTENCE STORY FOR EVERY EXP! If, you have nothing to say on the matter...DON'T! You are 21 years old and sit on EP all day, how could you possibly have any experiences...we all know who I am talking about on this one.

2) Enough with the adding every person you see to your circle! That is another form of spamming. You have 571 people in your "friends" list. BULLSHIT! You (like everyone here) talk to a core group and then have your occasional buddies. You do not talk to, nor even care for 500+ People...Stop lying! This is not MYSPACE! Or, stop trying to have a friends list like CoolWomanMMM's...give it up!

3) When forming a group/new EXPERIENCE: Spell it correctly please. It is really silly to see; 'John123 has commented on Jane123's story in "I'v got uh lembergini marcyilego". If you can't spell it, then it stands to reason your exp in the matter is probably lacking anyhow.

4) Stop spamming the "Question for you" section, please!? It can be a useful tool and resource. But (as with everything) people have to ruin it. Lately, a few individuals keeps posting stupid *** rhetorical questions on stupid *** topics over and over. STOP, for the sake of EP STOP! You are not funny. And you are getting those questions from an outside source becaue we have all seen them before! Lameass.

5) Please stop entering groups that you have no experience in. If it is about street racing, and you have never street raced...DO NOT JOIN THE GROUP! No one wants your  story about how you would have liked to do it. Join or create the "I would've liked to have street raced" group. Easy enough for you? A woman named something like: 'PeaceonMars', joined a group about stories from prison...then goes on to say how it was just county jail for about 6 seconds or some dumb ****. Don't join the group you lying asshat.

6) Guys: Stop being pigs to women! No one in their right mind wants to see your shrivled up 49 year old ****. No one wants to hear about how you'd "really love to **** her wet *****". No one wants to see your obvious PhotoShop enhanced abs or junk. No one believes that you have a 9 inch ****. Stop lying.  You are lame and trolling for vulnerable girls and un-happily married women. You are lame, give it up. Some dudes named (can't name names so I will elude to the name) crackBACK4someMORE or WED2AHOTTIE, come to mind. ******* chumps.

7) EP has so many useful tools and pools of knowledge to extract from within its user base. USE IT! Don't waste time here to see if people like you. Read, share, help, learn, evolve. Help make EP better. Do you really want this place to go the way of every other Social Net locale? I don't.

8) If you do not want to share an image of yourself, then don't! Do not put someone elses image in your profile and pawn it off as you! Enough of the fraud already.

9) Enough with the threats to "leave EP" No one with half a brain is buying it! You want the EP world to come by your board and shower you with praise and attention. Stop! No one ever leaves anyway. Why do you morons keep falling for it?? You are getting played like a fool. And to the people who threaten to leave (repeatedly) and never do: You are ******* with peoples feelings and are a douche bag for doing it!

Basically, I just don't EP to become another watered down 'Net waste dump for the mindless. EP has been very good to me and many people that I know, too bad (as with so many cool things) the lame, the mindless, and the ******** have managed to infiltrate and over-run EP. Pity. Maybe I am one of the ********...if so I am sorry. I'll try to do better.


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Thank you for that. I'm new and already get it.

Well, I am one of them too. That is not what I was implying. I was referring to certain people who just click into every group for the hell of it. It's silly.

I did add you back. How else could I know when and where you are commenting and vice-versa? Circle activity.

To start you said: "Dum dum dummmm" then agreed with a fair portion of what I said. :)<br />
Secondly: you have (as of this moment) 303 friends. Of which I am one. You have never said a word to me, gesture or otherwise, other than a comment board...like this! That means, by your rationale you keep in good contact with and a knowledgeable on 150.5 of your listed friends? Come on dude...be real. You sent me the fan request and that was it... *chuckles*

Is that a fact? I'll be damned... I guess it is nice to hear that some people like me... :)

*shrugs* Thanks

I got nothing...Muahaha! :(

Eric ypu made me laugh tonight, but i aint gonna add you as a mate.......but have you any crumpets or bagels or crusty bread or owt? mwah

Jessie up and freaking vanished...POOF!

Here we go with the wiener pics again... <br />
<br />
Is JJ gone at least?<br />
<br />
You boys and girls have fun... Mrs. Sailor awaits!

I see your Shwartz is as big as mine!!!

mj... Yes I did, awesome story, sailor is a crazy crepe chef too, 2 pans... (why do I have 3 pizzelle irons)...???<br />
<br />
Hello oh Dark one!

Mother of god... *Cries*

No Eric, you are right on the money.

I LOVE CREPES!!! Has anyone ever read my crepes exp? YUM YUM YUM

I cant! When I bite people they turn into Crepes... :

Holy nightmare pancakes!!!!

Thank you Bass...I appreciate it. I hope it was not too upsetting.

Once again well written and thought out Eric. Here, Here *applauds* !

Big Crash....<br />
<br />
JJ I SWEAR.... If you blow up another computer.....<br />
<br />
M... I think you would have been better off if you just said something.... Now we're actually .....nevermind.....<br />

I am not a goofball.........well maybe

When Jessie, HS, Eric are around each other nothing can be taken serio! Dear god...This was a serio story and has now become a room full of goofballs... hilarious!

ummmmmmm that shall be left to the sick minds of the EP fan club present at this evening Halloween Party:-)

We make a mockery of everything! LMFAO! <br />
<br />
Eric is doing what!!!??? *Flex and a moonwalk*

***keeping my distance***<br />
<br />
Do you blame me? I've seen things I don't like.....<br />
<br />
mj, what is Eric kissing.....?

Ouch Mello!!<br />
<br />
Crap.... I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt.... I promise<br />
(especially me)<br />
<br />
J... I'm not sure if I'm man enough to take what your punishment will be...<br />
<br />
Eric... Wise....

I'll kiss your...YEAH! <br />
HS is flappin!! HS is flappin'!

HEY!! If Eric isnt gonna kiss my boo boo Im leavin!!!!

HS is flapping?? can I flap too??? <br />
Mello is poking a stick? Nevermind...

Owwie she got me!!!<br />
<br />
Eric come kiss my boo boo!!

Oh oh oh I will:-)

OH MY GOD......You all have lost your damn minds....can I join in?

Oh dear god...*Hides*

Hey look!<br />
A wiener pic!<br />
<br />
***runs like hell....... kidding***

Myonis: I did not take a shot at age per se! It was more a way of saying that old *** dudes need to stop praying on 21 year old EP girls. It is just silly. <br />
Intrepid: You made my point about having so/too many EP friends. You did not even know I was in your circle!!!!! Good lord, you sent me the add request! Tons o friends are cool as hell, if you can keep up and or remotely care who they are. LoL...Am I missing something here? ;-)

Ok, I'm back to clarify a few of my points.I wrote my comment early this morning and didn't have time clearly express my view. I probably haven't earned the right to do so anyway since I'm a newbie. But having said that, I can only remove my status of newbie by contributing, right?<br />
I probably sounded more bugged about these things than I do, except for the pervs. I stand by that 100% and I'm glad to know EP is working on that. <br />
I am guilty of joining a group and then not following up with a story. My intent is there, but the time is not. I should click "plan to" but again, I'm on a learing curve here and I think I've figured that one out.<br />
As far as the "offshoot" point I made, I was referring to the amazing numbers of similar groups I find when I use the "Search Stories". The groups are sometimes endless and redundant, numbering into double digits. I don't think a sentence holds enough substance to form a group, although it may make a fun little story. Join a group that fits and share your story there.<br />
Let's face it. Some people make better friends than others. Some know how to be friends with many where someone else might not. Just be honest about who you call a friend. And who doesn't like to have a group of friends? It's not the numbers of friends, but the quality of the relationships. Sounds cliche and trite, but I think it's true. <br />
And again with the age. Please be kind, folks. Lots of things get better with age, and yes, that includes sex.

Erics...I bow to you. I could not have said it any better. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Intrepid: Thank you for you thoughts. Very well done. I appreciate your views and have no problem with disagreements. <br />
But, you say pick a person from your 300+ member circle and see if you have talked to them...I am in that circle. I do not recall ever having much of a conversation with you! ;-)

Wow! That was a great story and I appreciate you for saying this because this story is very important. I totally agree with everything. Keep up with posts like this.

I'm glad you can be such an astute judge of ones character, based on a series of grievances. Am I that transparent? In my next life, I will try to be as deep as you. ;)

I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend at all. Your story gave me the impression you were tough minded and not the sensitive type. So I made the comment as an observation that since nothing's perfect, not Ep or you, or, Heaven knows, me, it must be stressful to be a "fix it" kind of person who notices and needs to correct. As opposed to somebody who lets little imperfections roll off their backs. I imagine such vigilance can be a problem. Or not. Nevermind.

Thank you but, once again, I am not referring to avatars! Jesus! Are people reading the same story that I wrote? Sheesh!

LoL... We make a mockery of everything... ;p

Oh MAN!!!!<br />
<br />
Distracted with silly work and I missed all of the fun!<br />
There were NEVER any pics up like that! <br />
But I also don't want to depress anybody in my circle.....<br />
<br />

OMG I missed HS's wiener? Now I am sooooo upset. I may go to bed depressed now.

Ep was working on cleaning some o0f those groups up Myonis.

I can't remember!!! You've seen the amount of Jack we drink...good lord Jessie, is this your first day?? ;-)

No no....everyone knows Eric runs the HS pic dept! Kink may run the crew, but Eric runs the pics...HA! :p

Whew!<br />
I thought she was talking about me having a control problem in my pics....<br />
<br />

LilAnnie: How do I have a control problem? I do not wield any power over you or anyone else, nor do I administrate this website. It is okay to elaborate on your point before you lob and insult my way. Thank you.

Well, I guess so. Yeah, maybe, in some aspects, you have a point. And also, quite possibly, a control problem?

Behold the glory of HS ladies...He aint happy for nothin'!<br />
<br />
:p Muahah

HA!<br />
<br />
I had to go back to the story and make sure I didn't fit the picture description... Whew! Back up they go!<br />
<br />

Yeah...I am just looking out for your competition dude. Give them a chance HS! Sheesh!

LMAO @ HappySailor!!!!

What a great post.....<br />
Shamed me into taking down all my wiener pics...<br />
<br />

Oh and the only pictures left of fungirl in her picture profile are my avatar picture which is truly me and then there is a picture of my shoulder just fresh out of the shower that I postred as a joke when someone answered. I have and do send pictures (not NUDE) to persons that I get to know that I really like, make and female but I don't see the point of advertising that heavily. This may not be a popular opinion but I assume that most of the pics in those profiles are fake and I never look at them. I know some that are very real because I have met the people in real life but that is just me and for another post.

Touche' Tiny, touche'.

I know better !!! :-)

Thanks. Though, it seems as if a few people think I am some EP crank... :( <br />
<br />
I like to think that people who know me, know better. ;-)

That was a well thought out response to my well thought out contention. Thank you FG. <br />
<br />
See how easy that is GirlHedonist? Think before you type.

Hey Eric… You know I love you sweetpea. . . So here are my honest comments. I agree with some points you made but others I want to present a different side of it please.<br />
<br />
I personally do not have experiences on my profile that I am not interested in and/or have experienced because I have a life outside of EP. However as you pointed out I do sometimes write, what I feel to be a comical post, if a group strikes me as funny; especially if my friends are the ones who started the group in the first place. I also sometimes misunderstand the meaning of groups so if people would use the additional information section to define what they are looking for this wouldn’t happen as frequently. <br />
<br />
Typos in the experience title frustrate me somewhat. I would like to see EP add a spell-check for experience titles. <br />
<br />
I am in the process of clearing out my experiences because some things that I was into before I am not into anymore because I have grown as a person in the last two years. I noticed that it doesn’t leave a footprint when you delete an experience either which was strange. I have also misunderstood groups such as “I hate wet socks!” Hell I hate wet socks and wear two to three pair of them in the winter along with weatherproof boots to avoid that problem. I was in that group for a long time until a person in that group contacted me. From the PM I received it made me think. I went back to the group and to my dismay it was an adult group. I found out that it was an adult sexual thing from another man on here and I was quite embarrassed lol. <br />
I would like to see EP put adult groups notification more toward the top of the page and possibly show it under the avatar or have an icon that represents adult group and show that in the title of the group if it has an adult rating. <br />
<br />
<br />
As far as friends are concerned I do add a lot of people and I accept any person that wants to be my friend. I am not going to turn anyone down that wants to talk to me. I am a friendly person and I try to respect everyone. If you PM me I am going to reply to it and if you add me to your circle I am going to add you back to mine because I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings and I really do enjoy talking to a variety of people. If I only talked to a core group of people most of them are going to be just like me and that is BORING Eric. Although I have a lot in common with you and I have discussed that on PM with you we do have a lot of differences and I like that because it makes it interesting to talk to you. In fact you are one of my top friends for that very reason. I do purposely reach out to new people because I can remember being new to EP and thinking,” will anyone want to actually talk to me?” I wish I could figure this out and that stupid members’ page doesn’t mention this, who can I ask?” So I reach out and let newbie’s know I will help them if they need it. So many people thank me for doing this because they were basically feeling the same way. Everyone pretty much wants to be accepted by the cool kids and EP in this scenario is the “cool kid.” I hope to change your opinion on this one. I know I won’t for a long while but I am sure going to try. I can see your point as well but you like talking to people that are similar to you and I prefer talking to people that I can learn from. You are right that I can’t get through my entire circle in a day, a week, or a month. It takes me 2 full months to get through reading my friends’ stories on here. I don’t talk to everyone every day but I do read their stories and I do value every person on my list. Friends don’t have to talk every day sweetpea.<br />
<br />
Questions for You:<br />
I do wish persons would use the “previously asked questions” section before submitting their questions because I am seeing a lot of repeated questions. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Pigs:<br />
Well I have been lucky that I don’t get too many pigs. Most of the men I talk to are more like teddy bears than pigs. They treat me with respect. I have found that if I am straight up and let most of the men know a particular topic makes me uncomfortable then they don’t talk to me about it. For example I don’t want to talk about the bathroom acts being sexual. Most of the men on here have been respectful and if they aren’t I know how to use the block button and report them if they continue to stalk me. I know you are precious and you are taking up for us chicks but I haven’t had the same issues that some others have reported. I am lucky.<br />
<br />
Leaving EP:<br />
I have posted that I was leaving EP to give everyone a heads up that I was doing so and I had every intention of leaving EP when I posted that as well but one of my friends made me realize that just because that one man was a jerk and broke my heart was no reason to leave something I love so I stayed. I agree with you that if you are not seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY considering leaving EP then you shouldn’t post it and if you have posted that 11 times in 4 months maybe you aren’t too serious about leaving EP and you should think before posting it a 12th time.<br />
<br />
Contributions:<br />
When people post comments, write stories, and share throughout the site it helps more than just the person posting. It helps many of us that read them. I love to see people contributing and I encourage that but I do understand that some people are shy so I don’t think there is a way to police that.<br />
<br />
Okay there are my comments on your scenarios. We can talk about it if you want and remember I adore you cubby. LOL

Like talking about politics...people will come out of the woodwork...

Girlhedonist: I wont counter you point for point on a comment board but I will address one silly comment you made: ..."But you're only frustrating yourself by finding all of the world's flaws and lamenting about them." You just lamented in an itemized fashion your perceived flaws on my views! Can we say hypocrite? And, yes 'Spam' is unsolicited communications. Think about that for a minute. Also, I was not referring to AVATARS! Read carefully dear. p.s. You countered some points that I did not even make...so who is lamenting? Have a nice day. >=)

EricS,<br />
On balance I agree with the majority of your points. However getting your undies all bunched up over these matters is probably an overreaction. Of the issues you listed I believe that misrepresentation is the most damaging to the members of EP. The remainder of your peeves can be dealt with simply by ignoring them and their authors.<br />
I’m “old” ….. I am finally learning the “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” lesson and suggest you take stab at it. It does make the path to equanimity a bit easier. (NOT a major criticism just an observation as I pass through.)

I read your whole story, Eric. I'm pretty much a newbie here and I already see what you're talking about. I didn't join EP for a popularity contest or a competition. I think it feels that way sometimes. The one or two sentence "stories" that actually start as a "group" make me crazy - that's nothing more than a comment. One other thing: those who start an experience that is just an offshoot of another, i.e. "I like Pepsi" and then start another "I prefer Pepsi." Just join the original group and share your story. <br />
I agree nobody wants the creepy perverted trolls looking to score here because they can't make it in RL. I'm not discounting the real relationships that form here by any means! but your examples are exactly what I'm talking about. Having said that, be kind with the age thing! Just because someone is over a certain age doesn't mean they should be dismissed as old farts. There is a lot of wisdom and kindness that can be found with age. It's really the place of the soul, not the age of the body. I could go on, but then, I just might have to form my own group! And maybe get about 75 friends doing it! :)

I'm fairly new to this site, but I totally see what you're talking about. <br />
<br />
I was going to say something else but I'm still tripping over the term "lying asshat"<br />
<br />
Now I can't stop laughing.

well then they need a spell check feature there now there isn'r one AND EP THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I HAVE SAID SO

Thanks, was nice of you to take time to read it and not condemn me to death. ;-)

I read the whole thing. You make many good, actually wait - GREAT points.

I agree with you tulick...the spelling issue I put in there mainly for the group titles...after that it is no big deal, I guess.

i agree with you acdept on 1 point and that has to do with spelling why can't they put a spell checker in the commnet box and group creaton that way we have less of this problem?????

As do I. I am wondering if people will even read this or just skim it and get pissed at me? >=)

Completely agree with you. EP is therapy for me, I've gotten to actually feel better about myself by just letting out my past and present problems and issues, and also just writing fun/funny/lighthearted stories in groups like "I Like Beer"..or something. I've also learned a lot on here too. I've met a lot of great people here too. It's so annoying when it gets abused.