perhaps there's a way we could add certain stories to a 'favorites'.  this way it would be easier to find rather than weeding through the hundreds of stories in some groups, the hundreds of stories for some users and among the hundreds of comments we've made.  rather than attempting to locate the story again, we could go to our 'favorites' to find it thereby making it MUCH easier to follow the thread on said story...
AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
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additionally ... when you receive new comments on stories you've written, rather than having to go through EVERY story you've written to locate these comments, those stories should automatically come to the top of the list. once you've viewed the comment thread and it is no longer 'new' the story can fall back into it's original order.


This would be a great feature! I second it. For the moment, I have started collecting my own favourites in a blog entry, although it is a bit fiddly and my favourites are a bit silly :P