I Think Nothing Is Wrong With Having a Negative View On Life

I've experienced many setbacks in life. It would be more honest to refer to them as humiliations, punishments, and just generally incidents that cause me shame. And, a few odd actual accidents, I must admit. Though more than you might believe. So, naturally, I've developed a thick skin, what you mght call a " Shell" . So be it. It has saved me from more embarassment than I can name. And as a conseqence of these things, I am a negative person. I always look for the worst in life ( that I can imagine, anyway). You could say I expect it. Murphy's law, X 10= whatever the worst thing is, expect it. Of course I'm a realist, and know this doesn't happen all the time. Maybe even not most of the time. But, if you expect the worst, hopefully nothing worse happens. You never know ( to turn an openly optimistic quote of an optimistic person on it's head.). My view is, if it's bad, it's gonna get worse. I have no faith, much less hope. And I don't think this is a bad way to be. That way your hopes don't get up. I personally don't think anything is going to get better. But, look on the bright side, I could be wrong!

Socklord Socklord
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3 Responses Nov 3, 2008

That's what I'm saying. Stay strong.

I like to think positively but everyday it gets harder to do that. Just look at the world, its going down the drain with all thats happening. People just dont care anymore, its all every man for him/herself. I wish I had more hope for me or for the world.

someone who gets it God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!