Firsts & Stories

I think we should be able to see our firsts somehow.

Also, when you take the daily interview, the story you write gets added to that group's stories. However, if you answered no, it often doesn't make sense. The question would've been something like, "Do you hate your body?" and I would answer "No" and then write "I love it" and under that group, there would be that random story. I think they should be seperated somehow. Like, stories, from people who have had this experience, stories from people who plan to have it, and stories from people that it doesn't apply to.
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2007

So people actually do use them group forums?

I have noticed this issue as well, and as of a few weeks ago we have started routing the "no" answers to the interview question to the group forums, rather than to the stories page. Also, a quick tip: if you go to the daily survey, it has the interview questions where you can tick off yes, plan to, maybe, so you can join the ones you want to in one fell swoop.

I agree with this one. That's why I've stopped doing the Daily Interview. Instead, I'll see what the questions of the day are, and for any I might agree with, I'll go find that group and join. Then contribute story at the time or when I'm ready. Good point you made!