Displaying Select Stories In Video Form

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to see that this group is so big-- it's great to have so many people dedicated to improving the site. I work at EP, just like Erica, and one of the things we are trying to launch in the coming weeks is a video clip of an actor reading a story or confession. Right now we're doing a lot of leg work to pick stories and get permission from authors, bring in actors, and shoot the clip, but once we put a few of them up on the site I'd love to get your feedback on the feature.

The idea behind doing the video clip was that we have SO much incredible content on this site and it would be great to find other ways to display it and allow people to experience it. We've tried to be really sensitive to privacy and are only launching this with stories that authors have allowed us to use (and everything still remains anonymous) but we're curious to hear your initial impressions of our idea and also hear feedback once we put the video up.

Also, we've thought about shooting a couple of clips from us in the office so you can get to know the staff behind the site and hear our thoughts on some of the stories and content.

Thank you all for your willingness and dedication to improving the site. You're all the reasons why Erica and I (and the rest of the EP team) get up every morning and come to work!

EPjessica EPjessica
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Congrats!! Can't Wait!!

Dear Jessica,<br />
Is it possible to put good background music on this site? To let them read and write peacefully? That will attract people to EP! Try www.clayderman.co.uk for free music!

i can't wait to see the new video feature! where's it going to be located? or will there be a link on everyone's profile page? <br />
<br />
i'm very excited to meet the staff as well. EP must be a great place to work because my experiences with the staffers has been nothing short of delightful. delightful staffers generally equates a good work environment. <br />
<br />
thank you so much, EP!

Thanks for the encouragement!! We are really excited to kick off the video promotion and see how it goes!

Hi, EPjessica! The video project sounds fantastic, and really very intriguing; it sounds like it might drawn in a lot of people who don't traditionally read nor write a lot of text, and by doing so open up a whole new world of ex<x>pression and understanding for them. And also, as a side note... a little personal thanks to you, and the rest of the EP team, for providing this site for the world :)