Sexual Harassment and the Experience Project

Much to my disgust, it has come to my attention that some EP members have been approached by other members (sex chat advances via private message) in a way and context that makes them feel uncomfortable.

In addition to the fact that this is clearly unacceptable, I think the Experience Project is special because it provides people with a safe place to express themselves, which is clearly threatened by such behaviour. Obviously, there are areas of the site where the interest in such things is mutual, but if it is making people on the general areas of the site uncomfortable, that is just appalling. What's more, I have found that the Experience Project is a special space for the expression of sexuality and sensuality, without it being an invitation for people making unwanted advances, and it would be awful to lose that.

I know that there is already the capacity to block people, but to me it feels like this offers inadequate protection - these people will just move on from one person to another. I also think that scrapping the PM system would be a disaster for the site.

Ideally, I would love to see a facility to report individual messages to the admin team, so that appropriate action can be taken against offending members, without it meaning that individual members have to constantly fend off unwanted advances. Obviously a general system for reporting inappropriate PMs would be preferable to a specific one, so as not to frighten off potential members!

I know the EPAdmin team is very busy with the Blogher conference, but it seems to me that it would be good to do something about this because of that commitment.
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6 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Good point Tardy! We need to keep up the integrity of this site. The freedom to speak up should not place anyone in a situation of harassment or vulnerability.

Precisely. We take these reports VERY seriously, and will work to find a solution. We do really appreciate all of your understanding that doing things right takes time, but our commitment from day one has been to make EP a better place each and every day. You help make that happen as much as we do. Thanks and we'll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, any spam reports should be sent to my account and these people will be dealt with HARSHLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY.

Spam and sexual harassment are both against the terms of service of the site. In stories, there are currently flags for both spam and illegal content, which will indicate to the site administrators that the story is against the ToS. We currently don't have a flagging system for the personal message system, but perhaps it is something that needs to be looked into. Until we get something more general in place, please contact EP team through e-mail or personal message to one of the EP users and let us know the user name of the offending members so appropriate action can be taken. Thank you.

Thanks for the qucick response, EPjessica. I hope that some easy to implement solutions present themselves within the current code structure! It's obviously a tricky social issue, but blatant cases of serial sex seekers should be easy enough to stomp out, or at least I'm hopeful of that. :)

Thanks for your comments. We are obviously pretty frustrated with people who use the site against the terms of service (i.e. sexual harassment) and TTDD just as you said it is absolutely not in line with the spirit of the site. Thanks again for letting us know and we'll get back to you with some ideas how we can try to better prevent this.

People shouldn't even need to do that here. We all have enough troubles as it is :)