Whiteboard Boxes

I love this site! Currently, I am having a bit of trouble reading longer whiteboard comments. It seems like an inch of text is being chopped off. I thought it was a script setting so I changed that but it didn't help. I searched through the stories and I am surprised I didn't come by anyone else mentioning this so maybe it is my computer. Any suggestions?
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2007

having the same problem... yed others see theirs just fine... hhmmm "It's the curse of LWA women" hehe

Unless you've deleted the wonky messages, your whiteboard looks fine to me. :) I'm using Seamonkey (ie Firefox/Mozilla) with 1400px wide screen, for reference. Sometimes I find that if people use a word (like a link) that is too long in a PM then it causes the PM to get chopped off on the right hand side, could it have been that?