One For the Hardcore Epers...

I was wondering if it was possible to introduce a randomise function for "change top Experiences" and "change top Friends", so that one can select more recent friends or experiences for the profile page? Ideally this wouldn't affect the *current* top 8, but just the remaining 42 experiences/friends.

I'd prefer that to expanding the 'shuffle box'. :)

(PS: Sorry for the constant stream of stories in the suggestions group! :D)
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well you have'thave!

wow, you have no manners or tact, journeryfullofdrama!

whoa. ok, i'm done! take it back now!

Cam Web TV on the EP. Yikes, now that is really scary. lol (going to have out of my gammies, and put on my evening gown, oh where oh where is my make up?)

*temporarily transfers the powers to journeyfullofbs*

i'll just have to trust you, i suppose.

i can't tell you how much of a privilege it's not...

it's a privilege and a burden, i assume.

it's a bit unnerving, seeing all the EPers in their underwear...

and of course you saw it, as you see all ;)

not so much, no :(

I know, I saw you ask for that, and was hoping that you'd have better luck hahaha :)

i second. in fact, i requested this somewhere myself...

I agree with the idea of being able to shuffle our circle... It`s hard for me to say who I like more, etc. I`d rather it just be more random... (These are my friends and they are in no hierarchical order, eg)

This is a test<br />
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To see if the rumours are true??<br />
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Awwww EPs! Too good be true!! :D

We love all the feed back :-)