Some Suggestions

Hi EP team! First of all, congratulations on a brilliant idea brilliantly implemented!

A couple of things that have occured to me after a few days using the site.

1) It's great we can post anonymously, would it be possible to add the option of commenting anonymously?

2) Sometimes we might put a lot of effort into writing a great story and we want people to see it, and we all have all these spare points lying around... would be great if we could choose to spend our points on having our entry appear in a 'featured articles' section. What do you think?

Any way, again, thanks for a great site!

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6 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Yes you could abuse the point system in a way, but right now there is not real point or harm to it. I like the idea of time based popularity section, and have been thinking that we need a way to make the most popular stories more fluid, rather than a self fulfilling prophecy. The most active member list faces the same issue: it doesn't accurately reflect some of the newer, but very active members. Thanks you for your suggestions on how to bring new content to the forefront.<br />
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As for your desire to comment to a person without revealing yourself, at the moment the best way for you to do that is through personal messaging. We are working on refining our privacy features with facebook users in mind, so you can have a public and personal profile, and share with your public user name only what you want to. We aren't quite sure what exactly we want to do, or how to make it most useful, but it is boiling in the back of our minds.

Oh, another thought... is there any kind of IP-based filtering going on? Only it just occured to me, wouldn't it already be quite easy to abuse the point system by creating a second user account and giving yourself high ratings?!

Ok, posting anonymously. Basically, sometimes I see a review that I can relate to very strongly, and I want to tell the person they are not alone, and explain why I relate to what they are saying, but at the same time it might be an aspect of my character that I am not yet ready to reveal to the world at large. Make sense?<br />
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As for featured articles... I imagined it being like a main page feature, perhaps down one side. It's difficult really to clarify how it would be different to your other methods of displaying articles, like the 'articles with most comments' or 'articles most read'<br />
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The problem is that, for example, once an article gets into a list of the 'most read' it's going to keep getting more and more reads because it's there. Meantime there might be a far more interesting story that's just been written, and there's no easy way for it to hit the popular lists.<br />
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So... perhaps you could have a system whereby you can assign some of your own points to your story, and stories are then featured based on the number of points they have. Now, that might be open to abuse in a way because someone could write drivel but give it all of their points, however, the way points work is that we gain them when people like what we have written, so if someone has lots of points to spend on an entry, they must be fairly interesting to the other people around here any way.<br />
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Additionally, you could make it so that we could donate points to entries we like. That would further improve the 'interestingness-selection' process.<br />
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But then... I'm thinking out loud so forgive me if it sounds like I'm disorganised here!... we would then have the same problem that articles which have been around for longer are going to have more points/popularity, and it would still be difficult for fresh material to reach the surface.<br />
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So... perhaps build in some sort of optional filter - allow a person to view the most popular articles for just this week, this fortnight, this month, and for all time.<br />
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In fact if you had a time-based popularity selection then the whole points thing wouldn't be necessary, as this would allow newer content to come to the fore more easily. But then... we like points too don't we?! ;o)<br />
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Just some thoughts.

By post anonymously, do you mean without your user name attached? That ability has too much of a potential for abuse. Currently, users can report members for harassment in comments, or other behavior against our terms of service. If the user being harassed didn't know who the commentors were, then it would cripple our ability to help them. Though the cases of peeople who abuse the Experience Project are few, we like to make it as hard as possible for them. If you tell us what appeals to you about anonymous commenting, then perhaps we can find another way to achieve your ob<x>jective. <br />
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Can you tell me more about what you were thinking about for the featured articles section? That sounds like an interesting idea, but I was wondering what sort of implementation you were thinking of. <br />
I'll work on making it more clear what the points are about, it will be my blog post for later today, so keeps your eye on it :-)

Wow--- great ideas!! We'll pass them along to our engineers!

Oh, one more thing - it would be nice to know what we are earning points for :o)